How To Make Basic Dumpling Dough | Dough Recipe | Episode 152

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hey guys welcome back to my channel in

today's video I'll be showing you guys

how I make my homemade dumpling dough so

for this video you're going to be

needing 1 cup of all-purpose flour and I

have 1 teaspoon of salt and I have 1 cup

of water please check the description

box where I will list everything I use

for this video so let's get cooking guys

okay so you are going to start by adding

your salts to your water

I like to add half a teaspoon at a time

just so it doesn't get super salty you

don't want your water to be salty at all

so I like to start with 1/2 cup teaspoon

and you are going to taste that water

and actually half a teaspoon is pretty

good again you want to taste your water

just to make sure that salt is enough

and you're going to take your dough put

it in a bowl I love using this bowl even

though my husband Brent sets set it by

the stove and it kind of melts a little

bit but I still love using it and with

the water you want to add it and half a

cup at a time so do these guys you are

going to definitely make sure you have

clean hands you want to clean your hands

clean your under nails everything has to

be clean because we are using our hands

to do most of the work this was a really

highly requested video you guys have

been requesting this from when I started

my channel when I made my boil video you

guys had requested this so fast you guys

senior requesting it I decided I make it

for you guys and I use dumplings on a

lot of things on my boyo and you guys

know I make the stew piece which I will

leave does the link for those videos

down in the description box I can't talk

today hopefully all the father's had a

good Father's Day I know my husband did

we spent most of the day on the road but

it was nice and you just had done on me

your dough nothing too crazy I make some

necklace soup which I would do our video

for you guys one day using this dough

you can do so much with this you can use

you can use this dough to make the

Haitian patties that I make of course if

it's sticky you wanna go ahead and

sprinkle some flour which I already put

my flour away but you wanna grab a

little bit of flour and just keep

kneading the dough and I didn't even use

all my water I basically use 1/2 a cup

so if you are making using 2 cups of

flour 1 cup of water would be perfect

just like so as you can see my dough is

not really that sticky anymore just pick

up the leftover flour

get rid of some of this stuff I love you

the water anymore

and to make your your dumpling we call

this boy in Haiti you can make any shape

you want you just want to roll it take

up this roll it and you can put this in

your boil or you can just put it in

there just like this flat or if you're

making soup you can use a knife and just

cut little pieces and put them in your

like chicken noodle soup or something

like that this is the basic dough you

would use for chicken noodle soup so you

don't have to buy these things at the

grocery store I know they have it but

they are easy easy to make if you

haven't please go like my Facebook page

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snapchat I will leave the link for all

those in the description box but this is

pretty much it this is my easy simple

recipe of making homemade dough for

chicken noodle soup or whatever kind of

soup that you wish I will leave some

videos down below like I said so you

guys can use them in some of my recipe

that I use them in and this will do it

for this video guys please don't forget

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and share and as always thank you guys

so so much for watching and I love you

guys for watching see you in my next

video bye bye