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before these fakes were made popular by

the bacon sharks shacks in maracas play

village in trinidad and tobago we were

making and eating it for decades at home

today I am happy to share my secrets to

making soft fluffy airy and absolutely

delicious fried Binks I know it's going

to become a family favorite for you too

this bowl have added four cups of

all-purpose flour two tablespoons of

baking powder two teaspoons of salt and

four teaspoons of sugar mix it well to

combine at this point you may also rub

in about two tablespoons of

room-temperature butter that's one

tablespoon for every two cups of flour

take note of my clothespin technique

here folks where my fingers become a

tool for mix in the flour very well on

the blog at cooking with Rio Calm I have

the recipe for only two cups of flour

but because it's Saturday

two cups are not sufficient for our

family now I'm going to gradually add

the water in a quarter cup increment to

moisten of the flour and bring the dough

together Here I am applying my grab and

squeeze method why I am grabbing the

dough and I'm squeezing it together the

goal here is to get rid of any dry flour

in the bowl so I'm going to continue to

add the water and bring it all together



I know some of you are wondering what is

fried baked is it fried or is it baked

we have a unique name in culture in

Trinidad I just can't explain it

if these were baked who may have

referred to it as fake fry who knows

these are actually bakes that are fried

hence the term fried baked


now that the dough has come together and

there's no more dry flour at the bottom

you can apply the roll it around method

you're gonna just grab it at the top and

roll it around if you find that the

dough is a little too sticky to handle

add less than a teaspoon of flour and

continue to knead it now it's time to

apply the tuck-in method you're pulling

up the sides and tucking it in at the

edges tuck tuck tuck until the dough

becomes smooth another dusting here and

there will definitely help to make it

more manageable but don't add too much

at one time a sticky soft dough is

always so much better than a dry hard

dough and then you roll it and roll it

and roll it a little more




it should take only about 4 to 5 minutes

from start to finish to knead your dough


add about a teaspoon of butter or oil to

the top cover it with a damp towel and

let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes

minimum you may refrigerate it for a

couple of hours or overnight

I find that refrigerating it helps to

develop a nice chewy doughy texture 4

cups of flour makes about four lawyers

or balls each lawyer can then be made

into four smaller balls to create

circles or the larger lawyers can be

made into triangles

the sounds confusing let me demonstrate

it for you Here I am trying to make the

dough smooth and seal it at the top with

the second piece of dough I'm going to

break it off into four pieces

we just shape them into four small round

balls as I said before these we are

going to shape into the circular fried





what is slowly as I fold the edges to

the top and then I seal it up top spin

it and seal it until it forms a nice

round ball now cover it and let it rest

for another 10 to 15 minutes and get

your pot with your hot oil ready

let's make some triangles for the first

large lawyer dust a surface with flour

press you two out and then roll the

dough out into a large line to ten inch

so apply long smooth strokes with your

rolling pin to roll the dough out evenly

a rolling pin is usually referred to as

a Billina in Trinidad this villain I

picked up in a discount store close to

where I live and it's about five pounds

no kidding


roll them out until they are about 1/4

inch thick you can do it thinner or

thicker depending on whether you want

light airy thin bakes or thicker bakes

that are more dense and have more body

to them



using a knife cut into quarters when the

oil is hot but not smoking add a quarter

of the dough to the hot oil use your

spoon and pour oil over the big to help

it to rise quicker



when the bottom is golden brown light

golden brown a dark golden brown brown

depending on your preference flip the



drill it on the side of the pot and then

place it on a kitchen towel or paper

towel-lined plate or ball repeat with

the remaining dough now let's make the

round bakes you may make these thick or

as thin as you like it's all up to you

place them on the counter and press them

out evenly so that they will cook evenly

place it in the hot oil and fry until

it's golden brown using the same

technique I showed




now let your bakes are fried it's

amazing on its own but a simple addition

of butter or cheese well out of this

world with bowl shell as you seeing here

oh it's all fish and tomatoes corn beef


a favorite condiment to Trinidad and

Tobago not forgetting fried shark or

fried fish fried egg there are so many

ways to enjoy it is fried baked whatever

you do make it a tradition in your