How to use Crutches -- Non-weightbearing

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hello and welcome to this instructional

video on crutch walking this video will

teach you how to adjust the crutches to

the proper height as well as how to use

the crutches safely safety tips make

sure the crutches have padding at the

top of the crutch at the handle and on

the bottom tip that are in good

condition your doctor will tell you how

much weight you are allowed to put

through your injured leg after adjusting

for height make sure any nuts are tight

before using the crutches always wear

good supportive shoes or bare feet

rather than loose slip-on Footwear avoid

wet surfaces remove any rugs that are

easily moved to prevent slipping

adjusting height adjusting the height is

done in standing place the tip of the

crutch about 10 centimeters or six

inches out from the side of your toes at