How Many Calories Do I Need

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good morning I'm Katie Konkle we all can

see how many calories are in certain

food items we eat if we read the labels

for example even just one slice of

cheese pizza can contain over 300

calories so how many calories should we

be eating over the course of an entire

day here to explain how many you need

for your body is Eileen dutterer a

registered dietician in Mayo Clinic

health systems weight management

Services Department good morning Eileen

morning Katie so how many calories does

the average American woman need in a day

and how does that compare to men

although there is some variation

depending on how much lean tissue you

have on an average most American women

over the age of 18 need 10 calories per

pound to maintain a given weight and men

would use a multiplier of 11 so for

example for a woman weighed 180 she

would take her weight times 10 and she

would need 1,800 calories a day without

exercise and a man if he weighed 200

would take that weigh times 11 and he

would need 2,200 calories a day without

exercise ok so how do we figure how many

calories we each personally need for our

body type well I think if you're

personally trying to identify healthy

weight at Mayo Clinic's weight

management services department we would

use the BMI chart as a reference to

determine health risks associated with

obesity and on that chart we would help

you identify a healthier weight for you

to achieve and maintain if you'd like a

copy of this chart we have them free in

our department or you can call eight

three eight six seven three one we'll be

happy to help you with your weight okay

and what other tips do you have for

achieving and maintaining a healthy

weight stay very active move your body

through space at least an hour a day eat

four full cup servings of vegetables and

a couple pieces of fruit and drink your

water alright thank you for the great

information this morning Eileen and to

learn more please visit mom's everyday

you will find more information under

weight management services get more from select western