How to Make Yourself Pee

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in today's video we're gonna show you

three simple ways to make yourself Pete

hey guys I'm Josh and this is georgette

yes so there's some times in life when

you might have to make yourself pee if

for example you are at the doctor and

they need to do a test to make sure

you're healthy or for work wouldn't you

take one of those drug tests yes and

some people who are shy like cannot make

some make themselves pee so we want to

you to help you out with these easy

technique alright guys the first thing

we're going to tell you about is a very

simple you just turn on the water faucet

and listen to the water yes so the sound

of that while you are in the position

definitely helps to get things flowing

okay so the second way to help to make

yourself pee is to assume the position

and bear down so we all know when we are

going to make a bowel movement or pass

some gas you know there's some effort

involved in that so sometimes when you

do that you might have a little splash

of pee as well alright and the third way

to make yourself pee is to also sit on

the toilet and tap between your

bellybutton and your pelvis one time for

30 seconds yeah so just keep tapping

once per second for 30 seconds and in

that position it can kind of get things

started alright guys so now you've

learned three ways to make yourself pee

let us know how that turned out for you

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