How To Hold In A Poo When You Really Need To Go!

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hello everyone long time no see

so I'm just going to come to you guys

today give you some friendly advice as

you can tell by the video this video is

all about poo and how to hold in your

poo when you really need to go because

you've all been in situations where we

really need to go but we cannot go

whether it's on a date or in a job

interview there's just times where we

can't go and I'm going to give you some

advice on how to hold it in when you

really just want to blast that load into

the toilet bowl so step one I really

find this really helps and what I tend

to do is kind of do just squeeze the

buttock muscles in and contract them

like this kind of like doing a pelvic

floor exercise and this is actually an

added benefit for the ladies because I

know the Kim Kardashian type boom is all