The 5 BEST Credit Cards for Beginners (2019)

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what's up you guys it's Graham here so I

just want to mention really quick that I

still get emails and comments about the

video I posted the other week about

burning all of my credit cards with a

not a flamethrower so for anyone that

didn't fully understand that that video

was meant to be entirely satirical with

some light-hearted humor thrown in that

was not to be taken seriously by any

means and the way that credit cards work

is that if a credit card is lost stolen

or damaged the credit card companies

replace them absolutely free of charge

so just as proof I already had all my

credit cards replaced there you go

they're right where they should be in my

wallet so with that said I recently made

a video about the five best credit cards

to get free stuff but I soon realized

that a major complaint to that video was

that it wasn't really applicable to

anyone who's just starting out or who

doesn't really have any credit history

and that was way more people than I

expected so this video is meant for all

of those people just starting off in

their credit journey and also for

everyone else who just likes getting

free stuff because let's be real here

who doesn't like getting free stuff make

sure to smash that like button if you

guys enjoy getting free stuff and also

for people who want to pay $0 in annual

fees to do so and also all of these are

cards that you're meant to have for life

the thing is when you're just starting

off in building your credit score part

of your score is calculated by the age

of your oldest account so if you ever

cancel your oldest credit card in the

future it reduces your average account

age and therefore it ends up bringing

down your score so these are cards you

shouldn't cancel that you're gonna keep

forever that you keep active that are

really gonna form the foundation of what

you build your credit score from so with

that said let's get into it and we're

gonna start off with number 5 now I've

mentioned this credit card before but

I'm gonna say it again because it's that

good of a card but that would be if

you're just starting off to discover

it's secured card this is hands-down the

best credit card if you're just starting

off want to build your credit history if

you're 18 years old your first credit

card whatever it is this is what you

should be doing right now like like

pause the video and go and apply for

this card like I never tell you guys to

pause my videos because don't don't

pause my videos but if that's you right

now just seriously pause the video right

now and go and get this card you will

thank me years down the line when you

built up your credit history and what

this is

is a secured credit card which means

that you don't need any prior credit

history to apply all they ask instead is

a refundable security deposit and then

they give you back a credit line in that

exact same amount for example if you go

and give them a three hundred dollar

security deposit they will give you back

a credit card with a three hundred

dollar credit line from there just make

minimal charges on the card paid off in

full on time and repeat that for about

six to eight months after doing that for

eight months or so chances are they're

gonna give you back your deposit and

then you're going to keep whatever

credit line they give you now the good

thing about this secured credit card is

that they offer some pretty good perks

usually with secured credit cards they

offer nothing I mean there's very little

advantage to using them besides that

you're just building your credit but

with this one you get two percent

cashback on gas stations and restaurants

and one percent cash back on everything

else their dashboard also allows you to

check your credit score so you can see

how you're doing on your credit card

credit score journey so with all of that

said it's a really great card for all of

those just starting out I highly

recommend it and this is a card that you

could get and keep forever because it's

absolutely free so with that said let's

go into number four and this one was

mentioned by you guys a lot in my last

video and many people were upset I

didn't mention this one because for a

lot of people who don't do really a lot

of traveling this is probably the best

card you can get in terms of cash back

and that is the city double cash rewards

card so this is really a phenomenal card

that you should plan to keep forever and

it's perfect for those that aren't gonna

be doing a lot of traveling but who want

the best cash back option possible this

is really like the holy grail of cash

back this is because this card gives you

a whopping two percent cash back on all

purchases it gives you one percent cash

back when you buy something and another

one percent cash back when you pay it

off and the best part about this cash

back is that it is consistent among

every single one of your purchases it's

not like you get revolving categories or

like two percent back on gas stations or

three percent on restaurants it's just

two percent on everything and in the

long run this is just a great credit

card to have 2% cash back on everything

no annual fee it's pretty simple it's

pretty straightforward and just plan to

keep it forever and for real though this

is really one of the best cash

credit card options out there just

imagine that anything you buy with this

credit card automatically just becomes 2

percent cheaper everything and that

really starts to add up over the long

term all right so with that said number

three and I got a question for you on

this one do you want a hundred and fifty

dollars for just a few seconds of work

well if your answer to that is say no

more fam then I got the perfect credit

card for you and that is the chase

freedom just for signing up they're

going to give you a hundred and fifty

dollars cash back after you spend five

hundred dollars in the first three

months now this should be pretty

common-sense but I do have to mention it

because it seems like some people see

this and they get very triggered and

they don't understand it but what I mean

you have to spend $500 to get 150 back

that doesn't mean that you should go out

and think like oh no how do i how do I

spend five hundred dollars right now

that should not be your mentality

instead you got to make sure you spend

money you would ordinarily spend anyway

like if you would ordinarily spend five

hundred dollars over three months on

groceries or gas or at restaurants or

wherever just put it on the card to get

the money back don't go and worry

yourself like oh what do I have to spend

$500 on like come on I mean this should

all be pretty common sense here but some

people just don't seem to understand it

and then get very upset and write angry

comments so that that's all I have to

say about that and just a hint that also

means you could buy my program the real

estate agent Academy with a $50 off

coupon for thank you 50 and gets an

extra 150 dollars back on top of that

just for signing up with the credit card

so it's a pretty good deal what

seriously though for anyone building

your credit who just wants a great card

to have and who likes free money this is

a great credit card to get in hold long

term oh and by the way it's speaking of

free money in terms of cash back they

offer 5% cash back on revolving

categories up to $1,500 a year as well

as 1% cash back on everything else now

in terms of cash back this credit card

is not as good as a city double cash

rewards card but the sign up bonus of

150 dollars definitely makes this card a

lot more attractive in the short term in

addition to this card you're gonna get

purchased protection which means that

anything you purchase on this card

within the first 120 days that gets

damaged stolens any anything like this

is covered up to the first $500 this

means that if you go and buy like a $200

jacket and it gets stolen the credit

card company will reimburse you for the

cost of that jacket within the first 120

days this is a great perk to have and

all of this for the low annual fee of

nothing so now number two without

further ado we have the almighty

Quicksilver card by Capital One

now Capital One holds a very special

place in my heart because this was the

first unsecured credit card I ever got I

think at the time when I applied it was

a 21 years old maybe 22 max and it gave

me $1000 credit line which at the time I

thought like oh look I thought it was

really cool to have like $1000 credit I

was really excited about that so Capital

One has been a very good credit card for

me now this is a great card for a few

reasons the first reason is that like

the chase freedom they're gonna give you

one hundred and fifty dollars back after

you spend five hundred dollars in the

first three months so my same thoughts

here applied to my last example in terms

of the cash back but this one is just

slightly better because they offer one

and a half percent cash back on all

purchases and in addition to that you

also get no foreign transaction fees for

anyone who does a lot of international

traveling this is a great free credit

card for you to get so for anyone out

there who wants the free one hundred and

fifty dollars and who wants one and a

half percent cash back on everything and

if they travel and don't want any

foreign transaction fees because who

pays those those suck this is a great

credit card for you to get that cost the

low price of free so now number one and

this was one of my first credit cards I

ever got this is one of my favorite

cards and I used to use this card for

pretty much everything I did love this

card and that would be the Bank of

America cash rewards card now this one

offers a slightly higher sign of bonus

than the other ones do they offer two

hundred dollars back when you spend five

hundred dollars in the first three

months when it comes to cash back on a

really low spend amount over three

months that is phenomenal in addition to

that you get three percent cashback on

gas stations two percent cashback on

restaurants and 1 percent cash back on

everything else and also in addition to

that you'll get a 10 percent bonus on

those rewards when you redeem that cash

back into a bank of merit

checking or savings account now one

little life tip I do want to mention

when it comes to this is that the reason

Bank of America does this and they offer

such great rewards is because they

believe you're gonna go and open up a

bank of America checking or savings

accounts which is all fine I mean I have

one until they try to hit you with one

of their bull $12 a month monthly

maintenance fees like why do they like

it causes them nothing to maintain it's

basically I want some of your money

because you don't keep a lot of money

with us so if you do this just make sure

to keep a minimum of twenty five hundred

dollars in the account at all times to

avoid that monthly maintenance fee

otherwise if you don't do that they will

bleed you dry with 12 dollars a month

and it sucks you should not be paying

twelve dollars a month just to keep a

checking or savings account or to redeem

any cash back rewards so just a quick

life tip here if you're going to go and

do this at least keep $2,500 in a Bank

of America account at all times

but anyway assuming you're gonna do that

anyway this is a very sweet offer and I

highly recommend it and one other great

thing with this credit card if you

really want to maximize the rewards and

return here is that they offer 0%

interest on your charges within the

first 12 months now what I would

probably end up doing with this is just

realistically put all my spending on the

Bank of America card for the first 12

months while it pays zero interest and

just keep all the money I would normally

spend to pay off that card in an allied

bank savings account earning two percent

interest so that means for me I make 2%

on my money in a lie Bank and I get 1%

cash back from Bank of America so

basically I'm getting a free 3% back on

everything that I buy for the first year

now 3 percent might not seem like a lot

of money which it really isn't but for a

very minimal work 3% does tend to add up

especially over a year and again like

every other credit card that I mentioned

here this card costs you absolutely

nothing to keep so this is a card I

recommend you get keep it forever and

have it be a part of your credit

foundation of your oldest active credit

lines and those that I just mentioned

are the top 5 credit cards if you're

just starting out and building your

credit history these cards are all

absolutely incredible to get to keep

forever and they're all absolutely free

they will cost you nothing to keep the

goal should be to open these cards get

the sign up bonus keep them active put


normal everyday spending on the card

paid off in full keep them without

paying any interest and without paying

any annual fees and just reap all the

benefits these cards are really all

meant to form the foundation of your

credit history so that later on when you

go out and you apply for like the Chase

Sapphire Reserve or the Amex platinum

and you start getting into credit card

churning and start getting a lot of

these free trips and travel perks and

all of these amazing things in the

future if you decide to then cancel

those cards or get rid of them or

anything like this it doesn't really

impact your score because again you've

formed a very solid foundation of old

credit lines that kind of keep your

history intact for the most part and

that is pretty much all there is to it

and like I said before disclaimer use

credit responsibly don't spend credit on

things that you wouldn't ordinarily

spend money on don't get your spending

out of control don't basically just

don't be bad with money you know just

self-control and don't be bad with money

in that and that's pretty much it so

anyway you guys thank you so much for

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