Zoomer | Playful Pup | How-to Video

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meet my Zoomer playful pup today I'm

going to show you everything he can do

including be my best friend before we

can get planned we need to make sure pup

is fully charged and ready for fun the

included USB cable makes it really easy

to do

make sure pups power switch is in the

off position his eyes blink green while

he's charging and when they go solid

green that means pup is ready to play

playful pup is super smart and

understands three different languages

you can adjust the language switch on

his belly

make sure pup is off before you switch

languages he'll respond to your commands

in English French or Spanish playful pup

has be waiting for me to name him I've

decided that I'm going to call him

Frankie while the playful pup is off and

the language switches on your language

pulldown is back button and turn the

on/off switch to the on position until

you see pups eyes flush Orange the pup

will bark but make sure it's quiet

this is ice plush red it's too noisy oh

boy we need to find a quiet space now

about there flashing orange I'll press

us back button to name him now in order

to name him Frankie I'll need to say it

twice the first time I say his name

he'll bark and then I have to say it

again Frankie Frankie green eyes means

he's got it but if they turn red just

try naming him again from the start my

Frankie's a smart pup let's learn more

about Frankie

his eye color tells you what Modi's in

green means he's happy in normal normal

blue means he's ready for a voice

command purple means he's ready for

cuddles oranges for special voice

commands and yellow means pup needs to

be charged now let's see this pups do

some tricks

if you push his back button quickly

he'll do an instant trip look at Frankie

go Frankie can do a ton of different

tricks let's try some voice commands

hold down his backpack until its eyes

tim blue and then let go say any of the

ten voice commands and he'll do a trick

shake a paw let me show you my favorite

one roll over so cute my pup can do so

many tricks check out the Quick Start

Guide for a full list which one's your

favorite let us know in the comments



there are even special tricks your pup

can do after you've named him and since

we've already done that let's try some

out hold down his back button until his

eyes turn blue let go and then say his

name Frankie his eyes will turn orange

then you can say any of the special

commands who's a good boy

silly Frankie check up the instruction

guide for a full list of the special


after a long day of play sometimes you

just want to sit on the couch and cuddle

with your pop pick them up and hold them

upright against your chest and start

petting the back of his head until pups

eyes turn purple

that means cuddle time ah I've revolute

to nuzzle his nose for kisses Oh Frankie


here are some tips and tricks to help

take care of your puppy one be gentle in

carrying him don't carry him by the ears

or tail keep them off the table so he

doesn't fall off

and he moves best on flat and shallow

purpose - do not give this pup a bath if

he gets a little dirty use a cloth to

wipe away the dirt three pumpkin here

you best when you speak directly to his

back like a real dog sometimes your pup

is going to need special care here's

some tips so you can be a vet for your

pup in case anything happens if one of

your pups legs isn't moving don't worry

you can help your pup by rotating the

leg towards a tent until you feel and

hear a click if your pup is having

trouble with voice commands

make sure the language switches on your

language don't forget to turn the pump

off and back on active changing the

language if special tricks aren't

working make sure you named it the pup

level language switch was on your

language how can I have a different name

in each language if you need to rename

your pup no problem just go back to the

naming part of the video well I think

that's everything you need to know

what's your favorite thing to do with

your pop let us know in the comments

below and don't forget to subscribe for

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