How to Cure Zombie Villagers! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 34]

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hello everyone my name is pig Soros and

welcome back to the Minecraft Survival

Guide I hope you're all having a good

day I hope we're going to have a good

evening I'm starting this episode with

the Sun going down because we have some

work to do in the dark my friends dark

and devious work indeed we are going to

be trying our best today to find and

cure a zombie villager and for that I

have starts to put some potions here in

our brewing stands but I'm going to need

a couple of other things before we set

out I've got my electron me I'm actually

going to use those to get to an area

that is nice and dark so we can do our

interesting work here I'm not I'm not

entirely certain how this is going to

work out now I need to find a couple of

things there we go we've got some er

nametags fantastic I'm going to I've got

to change one of these nametags to

something nametags are a very

interesting thing in Minecraft because

they prevent entities that you have

nametag from D spawning let me give you

an example say for example a creeper or

a skeleton or something that you're

fighting some kind of hostile mob which

would normally de-spawn if you get like

a certain distance away from it like at

32 blocks away this mod will stop moving

and it will probably despawn it has a

chance to be spawn at 128 blocks away

from this thing it will permanently

despawn if you nametag a thing that does

not happen to it which is very useful

when it comes to capturing zombie

villagers because zombie villagers are

occasional zombies that will pop up and

they are kind of converted villages it

is possible to cure these guys and

convert them back the problem with them

is that unless they occur very close to

where you have your basin where you have

all of the equipment that you need to

cure said zombie villager they tend to

de-spawn before you've got back to them

with all of the stuff you need to kill

them so one of the things it is a good

idea to do is set up a name tag that you

can name tag the zombie villager with

capture it in some way and then come

back to it and then you can be

guaranteed that it will not be spawn so

as insurance against any kind of D

spawning issue with the zombie villager

we are going to name this one patient

zero and that name is not necessarily

going to last after they have been cured

but we have a name tag so that if

necessary we can name tag

zombie villager if we happen to find one

now the other things we will need I will

get to it later but first off we're

going to start by grabbing some blocks

of some kind I'm probably going to go

with wood just because it's a relatively

easy to break substance but you can just

as easily surround them with other

materials like leaves and so forth the

main thing is you want some kind of

solid material to surround the zombie

with in case the Sun comes up and it

starts to burn in the sunlight so what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna grab my

Electra and we're going to fly a decent

distance away for going to go up into

the hills at where the sugarcane farm is

and that's mainly because I've been

working on it our I want to show you

guys the progress I'm working on making

this a more kind of medieval looking

build a little bit more organized a

little bit more refined and and

straightforward it's got a lot of wooden

beams in it it's got some nice wool it's

gonna look nice and bright and it's

gonna stand out up here on the hilltop

but I haven't quite finished working on

that yet I've been doing a little bit of

that off-camera and I will introduce

that to you once we've done a little bit

more work now the work we have to do

tonight is finding a zombie villager and

that is easier said than done because

zombie villagers don't make up a very

large portion of zombies you will often

find a lot more zombies than you will

find at zombie villages sometimes you'll

find zombie villagers in caves like

other mobs they will spawn at night or

anywhere that it is dark enough but oh

there's one now

look at that oh hello and this here's

another zombie in my face oh maybe jump

there get away from me now this guy

looks like a likely candidate now the

cool thing about trapping zombie

villagers is that it's quite easy to do

all you need to have is some blocks on

your bar and you need to get a decent

distance away from the zombie but far

enough away that it is still tracking

you and hopefully far enough away from

any other mobs that might potentially

try and knock you off this pillar that

we're going to make we're gonna make a

two-block high pillar and now look if

I'm standing on this zombie can't get me

it's pretty easy so all we need to do is

add a couple of blocks around him like

so and uh and hopefully if we can do

that like that yes perfect there we go

zombie is now trapped and zombie cannot

move anywhere zombie will still be able

to hit you through corner but zombie is

all hello turns out the other zombies

have taken an interest well we can get

rid of these guys with our bow here and

oh there's another guy behind me as well


the good thing about standing up on

these two tall pillars of course is that

the other zombies won't be able to get

you either but as I have cautioned you

guys before make sure that you don't

swipe too close to this guy with your

sweep attack with your sort because

chances are you might end up hitting the

zombie villager and if he's one that you

want to save that could be a problem

now the next test is to see whether or

not this zombie can hold items and this

is quite an interesting one because it

actually means that we wouldn't need to

use the nametag on him at all because

entities which are holding items do not

de-spawn either and this is one such

zombie example now zombies of all kinds

can hold items it isn't just zombie

villagers but entities holding items

will not de-spawn and that actually

proves very useful in the event you are

teeth at for example you die and a

zombie picks up your sword it would be

very unfair of the game to have that

zombie despawn with your really nice

diamond swords so the game makes sure

that anything that picks up an item does

not de-spawn and does not leave it the

world if you even if you get 128 blocks

away from it it will not disappear so we

don't even need to use our nametag on

this guy the next thing we need to do is

cover him up and make it daytime because

daytime is safer than nighttime and I

prefer to do my curing during the day

now the fun thing about this is that

he's Cait he still counts as a monster

even though he is trapped so we've

actually been told to sleep somewhere a

little bit further away there we go and

I'll try and make sure that this area is

free of creepers as well once we get to

daytime because even though the zombies

and skeletons will burn the creepers

will not and it is better to work in an

area free of potential explosions in

fact just as a quick example I might do

a quick journey out to the plains by I'm

over here using my light tray let's go

as far as the swamp actually and my goal

here is to go 128 blocks away from the

area we were just in so that all of the

monsters that were there automatically

despawn and this will not only prove to

you that the zombie holding a wooden

plank will not be spawn but it's also

going to clear the area of creepers and

stuff for me so I think that's probably

been about 128 blocks or near enough

it's certainly a good distance away from

where we were so let's take a quick fly

back over the farm doesn't this place

look great from the air so far and you

can get a better look at this building

now that it's not nighttime I think

that's looking pretty good so far right

let's try and sweep up here oh we hit

our heads on the gravel mountain but we

are 100% fine and as you can see not so

many creepers around here now which is

pretty good the cool thing about this

little catchment thing here this little

box that we put him in is that we can

take out the site here and because he's

got a block over his head he doesn't


now sometimes zombies can also wear

armor you can actually give armor to

them zombie villagers I don't know if

it's possible to give them armor and

then have the armor show up on them like

they're not wearing the armor I'm not

certain if you can do that or not if

they spawn with helmets and so forth but

helmets will actually stop a zombie from

burning in the Sun as well which is why

you may have noticed occasionally a

zombie or a skeleton wearing armor

showing up around here and it hasn't

actually D spawned during the the day

the armor they're wearing will

eventually break and they will start to

take fire damage but that takes a little

bit longer anyway we have ourselves our

patient zero we haven't even had to name

tag patient zero and one of the reasons

I want to show you curing a zombie

villager is because of the episode where

we brought the two villagers over to our

house and while that wasn't super

difficult to do it can be a very

difficult process especially if the

village that you're going to is a long

distance away from the place where you

want to have everything set up so it's

quite nice to be able to cure a zombie

villager nice and close to home and so

this is a quite a valuable skill when it

comes to making custom villages maybe

even setting up a villager breeder or an

iron farm later both of which are

subjects that we will get into in future

episodes but this is the start of

potentially getting a larger population

of villagers over here and it can be

something that you can do you know on

the off chance that a zombie villager

appears and you have the materials with

which to kill him now let's talk about

those materials let's talk about the

materials you need to cure a zombie

villager you will need a potion of

weakness a splash potion of weakness

actually oh and I've got a spider iron

here so I don't even need to worry about

grabbing one out of this chest you'll

need a splash potion of weakness and you

will need a golden apple now golden

apples sound like they're quite quite

expensive and they are quite expensive

really you can occasionally find them in

Dungeon chests or you can make one using

8 gold ingots and a regular Apple which

I can grab out of whichever chest I've

left the apples in there's one now so I

don't have to use up the one that's in

my ender chest and I can keep that there

the golden apple is quite easily too

can carob as long as you've harvested a

few oak trees and gotten yourself some

gold which is relatively easy it comes

out of the ground the next thing is a

splash potion of weakness and those are

interesting they are kind of unique

among potions in that they are the only

thing that you can brew without the need

for nether wart all you will need is a

fermented spider eye not a regular one

but a fermented one and let me show you

how you get a hold of one of those first

you will need some sugar and then you

will need a brown mushroom which I do

not currently have so I might have to go

on a bit of a hunt for brown mushrooms I

think they are probably most easily

found in locations around here in the

swamp over there so let me quickly fly

over there and see if we can spot a

brown mushroom there we go there was one

sat under this tree perfect and there

are a few others around here so in the

event that we will need any more Brown

mushrooms I can always come back to this

swamp and find them the combination of a

spider eye a brown mushroom and some

sugar in a crafting interface will get

you a fermented spider I do not ask me

why because I have absolutely no idea

what any of this recipe means but anyway

like I said a fermented spider is

something you can pop in a brewing stand

notice these are water bottles and not

awkward potions I haven't applied nether

wart to them at all pop that in there it

will start to brew a splash potion of

weakness or rather a potion of weakness

sorry we need to add the splash effect

as we normally do by using gunpowder on

it after it is finished brewing there we

go we have at three potions of weakness

lasting 1 minute 30 and if we add the

splash to that as well we will get 3

splash potions and that is really all

you need with the splash potion with the

golden apple but there are a couple of

other things we can use to speed up the

process of curing this zombie now let me

grab some iron ingots out of here in

fact we already have some iron bars in

here we turning the rest of those iron

ingots into iron bars as well and let's

grab our splash potion of weakness now

we should only need one of those and at

one at Golden Apple and the iron bars

are kind of an interesting thing that

gets overlooked when it comes to a

zombie village of curing because it's

not wholly necessary it's just a way for

you to save a little bit of time on

returning to your zombie villager you

take your splash potion of weakness in

hand get a reasonable distance away and

lob it straight at his face you might

take a little bit of the weakness affect

yourself but you'll notice these

particles coming off him which means he

has been affected by the weakness potion

you then get the goal

an apple and a right-click on him with

it and he will start to sizzle and shake

and he will start the curing process at

this point you can surround him with a

bunch of materials and iron bars are

actually useful for this because the

game kind of encourages you to imprison

these zombie villages and keep them in

some sort of like cage like this so the

presence of iron bars nearby them will

actually speed up the healing process

now I don't recommend completely

surrounding your zombie villager with

iron bars because a removing some of

these blocks might cause him to escape

and B if he steps out into the sunlight

he will start to take fire damage in

this process while he is converting from

a zombie villager into a regular

villager he can still burn in the

sunlight while he is still curing other

zombies might decide to attack him as

well it's he starts to count as a

villager or at least not as a regular

zombie and hostile zombies will actually

try and attack him so be very careful to

protect your villager if you can and

having the iron bars around him like

this will also be an aid to that process

having taken a quick look at the

Minecraft Wiki apparently putting a bed

nearby will also help this process maybe

because it kind of acts like a a block

in a jail cell for example like he's

curing he needs some rest

but he needs to be contained that kind

of thing so having beds and iron bars

nearby apparently speeds up the process

by about 4% so it's really not that

quick normally a villager will take

between two and five minutes to cure so

you're looking at a decent chunk of your

minecraft day and you may want to use

the bed yourself if the Sun starts to go

down because you don't necessarily want

other monsters to come out while you are

undertaking this process and with that

sound and the zombie doctor goal that

comes up on the screen we have ourselves

a completely cured villager and he is a

cleric who will trade us rotten flesh

for emeralds amazingly seems to

forgotten all about his previous life as

a zombie and he has now got a few trades

that we can unlock right here at our

base and that's how you cure a zombie

villager it is that simple and the most

important thing really is to keep other

mobs away from your villager during this

process and make sure that you can

provide a safe shelter for the villager

when he is ready to be rien

grated into society now I do want to

make sure that we get him back to a

reasonable location around our base so I

might pop down a boat and row him back

over to the farm having a cleric around

is actually going to be pretty useful

because I have been in need of a decent

rotten flesh trade for a little while

we've been able to gather a decent

amount of it having bought a whole bunch

of zombies in our time and I feel like

this guy would be a great addition to

the little crew of villagers I seem to

be integrating into my house so if you'd

like to get into the boat at any point

that would be really good of you maybe I

should take the boat up for a second

wait for him to run out of this little

impromptu you sell that we created and

put them in the boat or maybe I can just

do this what yes okay we got him cool

step into the boat and I will take you

on a grand adventure it's always fun

going down mountains and boat sploosh

there we go we've made it to the river

fantastic and the back door of our house

is just over here so it's really a not

that long a trip see this is a this is a

whole lot easier than it was taking him

back from the village and oh wow okay he

flew a little bit there for a second did

you guys see that that was hilarious oh

that was just a weird

teleportation glitch sometimes it

doesn't have a great time registering

the position of boats in the world but

there we go and there was a weird chunk

error kind of thing around here again

probably just a rendering bug nothing

too much to worry about

let's take this guy out of the boat if I

can score a decent hit on the hitbox of

the boat there we go and get him up onto

the shore fantastic now hopefully it

shouldn't take long for him to register

that doorway over there and decide to

climb up alternatively we could probably

just nudge him towards the grass over

here pop the boat down there ish there

we go and we can roll him over to the

door brilliant stuff and you come in you

come join the family there we go you can

probably have tea with the librarian

over here in fact I plan on trading with

this guy a little bit today because I

have a decent amount of sugarcane up in

that farm now well they're already

getting social I don't know if he's

going to step into this minecart or not

chances are he might not because it's

just place down on a powered rail and we

don't have any power going to it maybe

we could trap him in here a little bit

and do I have any kind of quick redstone

source I can put down

power that rail let me see if I got a

lever in here yep gotta leave it there

let's see if we can get that minecart

moving but either way while he's in here

we can at least try and trade some

rotten flesh with him can't we let's

grab of this out of here and we've got a

few stacks that should probably do let's

leave a couple of those in here so I've

got a placeholder for oh you're in that

corner now are you fair enough

have some rotten flesh here we go we can

trade a few emeralds at this guy unlock

some of his early trades maybe there we

go what have you got Oh one emerald for

one lapis one emerald for one redstone

these aren't the greatest trades in the

world but he's a pretty decent emerald

farm if we just give him a decent amount

of rotten flesh that's not too much of a

problem one emerald for three glowstone

is not bad either that's a fun trade

especially when you start running out of

it in close proximity in the nether

always worth having a good glowstone

trade around let's see if he'll give us

a decent price on some of the later

stuff and six emeralds for a bottle of

enchanting isn't the best trade but it's

still decent and it's fun to have a

source of bottles of enchanting as well

there a knight a nice little source of

experience if you want a quick splash of

the stuff there we go put the glowstone

in there put the emeralds away in here

and let's go and get some paper I better

keep an eye on this guy though he's a

wanderer for feeling he will be roaming

around this place before long so let's

check on the stock out the sugarcane

farm and I've already got three and a

half stacks in there that's lovely

another three and a half in here it's

probably going to be roughly the same

across the board yet pretty good so all

in all we got ourselves a decent amount

of sugarcane there I have been AFK at

this for a couple of hours today but

really not that long and it's only six

modules like I said we could build this

further up if we wanted to but I think

for the long term we're probably gonna

have this sugarcane farm running a whole

bunch while we're around here and I'm

not going to need a huge amount of it we

might make a bigger more industrial one

somewhere else if we decide to in future

if we really want to go the whole hog

with this stuff but I think for now this

will be good enough if you're building a

sugarcane farm on a server or you want

to have a more paper than you know what

to do with then you can go bigger if you

want to all you need to do is repeat

that process a few times so let's trade

with this guy we've got a 27 paper trade

24 is the best paper trade we can get

but this is pretty good considering he's

a guy we could just bring over here

let's trade with him a couple more

times and see if there's anything else

we still need to unlock for him actually

there is not so he's got a sharpness 5

trade towards the end here which is

actually really great and a fortune 1

trade which is not the best and I have

enough fortune right now but it's still

pretty good

one emerald for five glass though is an

absolute steal so I am absolutely fine

trading with that and that we can get

ourselves more emeralds this way all of

these emeralds of course are going to be

traded with my man upstairs who's going

to give us infinity and mending books

this guy is seems to be very keen on

getting all of the Cubbies he's

definitely finding all the little nooks

and crannies of this house isn't he

maybe you'll have to block him into one

of those sooner or later if he stays

still for long enough I might be able to

get them in the minecart this time go on

go on in you go over here over here yes

ok we got him fantastic right now let's

push him over there let's actually

disable the powered rails let's push him

onto this one very carefully take out

the powered rail from below him perfect

there he is having tea with his mate

fantastic I like that I like the fact

that these two are kind of wedged here

in the corner now if I can maybe push

him a little bit further over that way

well it looks like he's basically

staying there now doesn't it hey I got

it I got I got the chair in there

fantastic I did actually wonder if it's

gonna be possible to push the stairs

over the minecart there using a piston

let's try that for a second I'm curious

here place the piston down facing that

way pull the lever and oh yeah okay I

mean it's it looks a little bit glitchy

it's not the most aesthetically pleasing

thing in the world but I don't know that

that kind of works for me it's okay if

he's just kind of sat there maybe he's

got like a cushion or something I don't

know it looks a little bit ugly but I'm

sort of I'm sort of okay with it as long

as he stays there all right and while

we're up here we could always trade some

wallpaper to this librarian who's only

got a 33 paper trade but it means we

don't have to worry about unlocking this

paper trade again for a little while

once we've got all of this paper in our

inventory we may as well trade it away

to somebody and we are getting sugar

cane for free at this point so it is

very very easy to trade away as much

paper as we've got to this guy in

exchange for emeralds especially when

his trades keep unlocking for me unlike

the other

he's so we can just trade away basically

the last of our reserves of paper here

we still got enough that we can make

some fireworks with if we wanted to and

from this guy I'm going to grab two new

books one of which is going to be

another mending books it's still

amazingly here how's this trade for 10

emeralds and the other one is going to

be an infinity book that I can put on my

bow so I never have to worry about

arrows again that's two fantastic trades

thank you so much and you know what I

think we're gonna give this guy a name

today we are not going to name him

patient zero we're gonna keep that name

tag for if I want to cure another zombie

villager but you guys have left a whole

bunch of fantastic name suggestions and

if I can find where enough I put the

name tags I keep losing track of the

hoes apparently we are going to and name

this guy now this name came from a kena

that David Murdoch in the comments Thank

You Kenneth for this fantastic name he

suggested naming the villager Mendelson

and I think that's fantastic I actually

studied the music of Mendelssohn in one

of my exams for college so that's

actually a really great name close to my

heart and boy shifter right clicking on

the villager with the name tag

it doesn't opening it doesn't open up

the the trading GUI it will actually let

you at name tag here it's funny that

didn't used to be possible it used to be

that you would have to have two players

in a world and one of you would have to

open up the trading GUI so that the

other player could name it because

right-clicking on a villager no matter

what you did always opened up the trade

interface but thankfully that is no

longer the case we can shift right-click

on the guy with a nametag

and named him Mendel Cerner welcome to

the family that's really great and now

obviously we've got these two other

villages down here who aren't it quite

as valuable as Mendelssohn but I think

they still deserve names I might still

call this guy patient zero actually it's

quite a funny name for a guy he trades

rotten flesh but maybe the other guy

will need a name as well we'll see as

that goes on but now this mending book

I'm going to apply to my silk touch

shovel because the silk touch shovel is

perhaps one of the most important things

in my life aside from having a decent

set of a lighter er so we're going to

apply mending to that and I'm also going

to apply infinity to this bow which

really doesn't cost a huge amount so

that's pretty fantastic it's only going

to cost me four levels to do that now

while I think about it I'm actually

going to try and apply another

unbreaking a book to my alight row

because I managed to get an unbreaking

two-inch arm

while I was working on getting this silk

touch shovel in the first place so I

thought we'll add that to the unbreaking

- on my alight trail make that

unbreaking 3 and that is my Electra all

done in dusty oh and the anvil broke Wow

is that the first time we've had an

anvil break in this series it probably

is so there you go folks if you use an

anvil too much they will eventually

break and you'll have to make another

one hopefully we still have enough iron

blocks in here that we can make another

one looks like we do and we'll pop that

back in place but boy oh boy I'm

probably going to need an iron farm one

of these days I expect but before we go

I wanted to have a bit of a chat about

me putting mending on my Electra in the

first place because somebody in the

comments of a recent episode which I

think the comment is actually gone now I

think they may have deleted it I'm not

sure but they did think that it was a

little bit of a stupid move for me to

put my only mending book at the time on

my alight row now this didn't really

take into account the fact that I

already had a mending pickaxe that I'd

got from an end City so I was gonna

combine that with a silk touch for a

fortune pickaxe already but they seem to

think that pudding mending on my electro

as a bad move now I took a poll on

Twitter which amazingly reached a lot

more people than I thought it would and

in the end we got 1500 people voting on

whether they should have mending on if

you had one mending book if you would

put it on tools Armour or a light row

and in the end more than 50% of people

said a light trait was 37% said tools 7%

said armor and 56% finally said Elektra

and I have to say I agree now the thing

about Elektra for my money is that you

will never find them enchanted in the

world in the same way that you will find

other pickaxes like like I said I'd

already got myself a mending diamond

pickaxe from the N City loot and

occasionally it is possible to find

enchanted pickaxes like that out there

when you're raiding n cities whereas you

will never find an enchanted alight

trousseau if you're going to use a

mending book on something maybe use it

on something that can't naturally be

found with that enchantment the argument

I saw in the comments was that alight

TRO are a lot cheaper to repair

considering you don't have to spend

diamonds to repair them you have to

spend phantom membrane and while that is

true the thing about repairing stuff in

an anvil is that eventually it becomes

too expensive if you end up taking some

durability off of a tool and then you

try and mend it in an

anvil the repair cost will increase

every time you have to make a repair to

it it's usually dictated by where it

says 3m BT tags as well I think there is

a higher price for something that has

got multiple kind of tags on it usually

multiple enchantments or something like


but even with unbreaking 3 we would

eventually wear this Elektra down have

to repair it with phantom membrane and

each time the cost doubles so it would

take one level to repair your Elektra

with phantom membrane the first time

which doesn't seem like much but then

the next time it would take two levels

the next time it would take four levels

after that it would take eight levels

after that sixteen to probably thirty

two levels after that and once something

needs more than 39 levels to repair it

minecraft won't actually let you repair

it it will actually come up here and say

too expensive instead of any kind of

enchantment cost and I'm amazed quite

frankly that I couldn't combine those

two pickaxes for a higher value even 36

but there we go that's that's the

problem with mending stuff repeatedly in

an anvil as opposed to applying a

mending in Sharman the problem with

repairing it is that eventually it

becomes too expensive to repair at which

point you would have to go and find

another a light rake you wouldn't have

any other option and Elektra are way

more risky to obtain than diamonds are i

know people who don't like to go to the

end because the void scares them and so

they only have one pair of a light troll

or they've never had a light tree at all

it's kind of a risk assessment really

like going mining for diamonds all you

have to do is go down to Diamond level

and strip mine for a little bit it

really doesn't take all that long it I

mean it's time consuming short but it's

mostly a very safe practice the worst

thing you're gonna run into is maybe a

couple of underground mobs if you didn't

like the area up properly or a lava lake

which is very easy to take care of if

you've watched my episode on how to get

diamonds the other thing is you can't

enchant in a light trip naturally in the

enchantment table if you put this in

there it's not gonna show up any results

and obviously it wouldn't if you put an

enchanted item in there anyway but even

a completely unenchanted Electra will

not get you any enchantment in the table

so you're gonna have to put at least

unbreaking on it if you want it to last

a little while whereas I have a whole

bunch of diamonds in here now I have

over two stacks of diamonds that I could

turn into tools and I'd be pretty much

guaranteed to get decent enchants like

efficiency on braking and fortune on

them all the time in fact it took me

long enough to get a silk touch shovel

because it kept coming up

fortune every time and so far I haven't

even mentioned the fact that if you

trade a couple of times with Atul Smith

or a weaponsmith any kind of blacksmith

villager they will end up selling you

enchanted diamond weapons and tools so

it's actually super easy to get those

once you've got a decent source of

emeralds you can have as many diamond

tools as you want there are armored

Smith's who will also sell you enchanted

diamond armor if they've got low-level

enchantments you combine them if they

don't have the enchantments you want you

end up combining them in your inventory

which removes the enchantments or in a

grindstone if you're already playing in

the 1.14 snapshots and then you enchant

them in the table yourself for just a

few lapis and some levels now my buddies

loi also pointed out that if you enchant

a fishing rod with mending you would be

able to fish up more mending books and

the rod would constantly repair itself

because of the experience you get from

fishing which i think is probably the

best point I saw made during this whole

argument however it is still also

possible for you to fish up a fishing

rod with mending on it already which you

could just combine with an existing

fishing rod and save that mending book

for your alight truck so anyway that's

my argument that's why I think it's a

smart move to put your mending book on

an electro but frankly if you have a guy

who can trade you mending books you

don't need to worry too much about that

and ultimately it's up to you it's

minecraft the game is entirely your own

and I think whatever choice you make

it's probably going to be a smart one

unless you put mending on a hoe in which

case you've doomed us all thank you guys

so much for watching this episode of the

Minecraft Survival Guide my name has

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