How to Write the Name for ZnCl2

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to write the name 4zn cl2 we need to

recognize that we have a metal and a

nonmetal in general when we have metal

and nonmetal that's gonna be an ionic

compound specifically here we have two

different types of elements so it would

be a binary ionic compound and we'd use

these rules here to write the name first

we'd write the name for the metal as it

appears on the periodic table so ZN

that's zinc then we'd write the name for

the nonmetal also as it appears on the

periodic table CL that's chlorine

lowercase C and we'll replace the ending

with IDE so the name for ZN c l2 is zinc

chloride if we look at the periodic

table here we can see zinc right here it

is a transition metal and in general for

transition metals we don't know the

ionic charge we have to look at what

they're bonded to

but since zinc it's kind of an exception

it's always 2 plus so because it's

always 2 plus we don't need to write

Roman numeral 2 in zinc chloride you

just leave it like this

it was en ciel 2 there is a good deal of

covalent character in this compound and

because of that sometimes you'll see it

called zinc die chloride but the

official name for ZN CL 2 is zinc


this is dr. B with the name for ZN CL 2

zinc chloride thanks for watching