How to Rename Your AirPods! (Change the Name of Your AirPods!)

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hi everybody welcome to my short video

about how to change the device name of

your opponents I thought I make this

little guide in anticipation of the new

airport to that recently came out the

people are buying

I just received mine today and was going

to change the name of my old air pods so

the new ones will use the current name

and I realized that a lot of people may

not know how to do that and it could be

helpful to some people so let's get to

it it's actually really simple to change

the name of your pods

first make sure they're active the

easiest way to do that just put them on

then on your iPhone 3d touch settings

and choose Bluetooth on non 3d touch

devices go to the settings and then

choose Bluetooth then on the list of

Bluetooth devices that pops up press the

circle to eye beside your air Pollitz

that will bring it into the ear pods

menu then choose a name option now you

can change the name of your air pots

I chose to add the word old in brackets

so when i pair the new ones I'll be able

to easily tell which ones are which you

can change it to whatever you like ear

pods v1 original whatever works for you

so in my case there now named Bert's ear

pods old once you finish the change just

press the back button

now you can exit the settings screen and

your air pods have been renamed if you'd

like to double-check you can look at the

label on them using a different source

like the music app to confirm the change

keep an eye out for my air pause to

review coming soon where I'll be going

over the differences between the

original air pods and the air pods to

and offering my opinion on whether the

air pods too are worth it

if you enjoyed this video or found it

helpful feel free to give it a thumbs up

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including tech how to's every week as

always thanks for watching and I'll see

you in the next one