Matlab plot bar xlabel ylabel

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let's work on on row vector and plotting

it so first we're going to make a row

vector x equals 1 5 10 7 9 4 & 8 random

numbers and oh we should if it random

numbers put a semicolon so with that

display on okay oh I did it now and next

one I'm going to plot whatever is in the

X and Wow

that is truly amazing fits in there very

well think about there all right let's

get to about there that looks nice

what else can I do I just plotted X now

let's make it look nicer let's put the

grid on what does that look like now

what doesn't look like that it looks

like this wow that looks nice grids on

but I don't I don't like this I'd like

to see a bar yeah that's what I'd like

to do I'd like to see that in the form

of a bar let's make a bar out of XO bar

plot a bar graph and let's go get that

boy these over here oh just turned it

into a bar graph that is just amazing

wait a minute on the bottom over here

one two three four five six seven let's

say there were a number of children in

some family were seven and these were

their ages I don't see labels here oh no

what am I going to do I could put label

let's say the x-craft label should say

open friends number number of kids let's

see what that looks like

ah there it is number of kids

ah one two three four five six seven

seven kids now what else can we put in

here how bad off if we get an x-ray well

we should be able to come up with a y

label so let's do a white label and here

we'll say a an age of child that's good

hit enter and let's go over to Warcraft

and oh there it is incredible angel of

child and up here right down there I

shouldn't say it's number of kids that's

pretty amazing what if I wanted to

change this I don't want to see this as

a bar I liked it to be plotted now but

with them you ever seen those plots that

have like asterisks everywhere we could

do the or plus sign

let's do plus signs I'm going to plot X

and the character I want it to use is

the plus sign let's see how that looks

let me go oh there goes oh damn okay

that's not too too great

let's change that character from a plus

when asterisk books change that to an

asterisk if it'll look better now and

come on up and down and up and down and

up that looks nice now

yeah sort of sorry I like the bar better

so what was that bar of X that looks

good there will ya notice when I did

that I lost my boss my labels from

before I'm so sad about that AB arrow

key a few times then here we go my label

each of the child up arrow key a few

times I'll get to X label and there it

is number of kids and now I go back to

my chart and there it is age of child

number of kids bar graph you just gotta

love it this is so super difficult

alright that's about all I have to say

for now why this is George Balch saying

bye bye