How to label x and y axis in Microsoft excel 2016

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hello there in this video I'm gonna

explain you how you can label XL y-axis

in in a chart in Microsoft Excel 2016 so

I what one chart open here and I want to

give the labels to the x-axis and y-axis

for that what you have to do is when you

select a chart this chart tools tabs

come over here at the top design and

format so just click on this design tab

and then on the left hand side you will

find add chart live and just click on

that and then you can click on axis

titles and then click on primary

horizontal to give the title for the

x-axis so here you can give the salesman

name title and if you want to give the

title to the y-axis as well again we

were there add to chart add chart

element and then click on axis titles

click on primary political and just type

the name there say sales numbers

so this is how you can give the titles

to the x-axis and y-axis in 2016 so the

process is a little bit different in

2016 as compared to the 2007 and 2010 so

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