How to Change Your WiFi Name/Password From Phone or PC - Tutorial

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hey beautiful people so in this video

I'm gonna show you that how you can

change your Wi-Fi name or the password

it's too easy and quick so you can do

this using any mobile device or computer

so let's start it's too easy and tricky

to change the Wi-Fi name and password

everybody knows this thing but still if

you don't know you are at the right

place alright so to change the password

of your Wi-Fi you must know IP address

of your Wi-Fi router so every router has

a specific IP address you can also see

that IP address on the back of your

Wi-Fi router but forget about it

just go to your Wi-Fi settings and come

to the more information and you will see

this router IP address so just just a

moment let me just come again okay so

you will see this router IP address this

is also called as a gateway IP address

on the computer and Android devices

so this is what we need and we gonna put

this address into our browser


then you will open the IP address of

your router so it will ask you for a

username and the password to access the

configuration page the user name and the

password must be admin this type your

admin as a username and password also

mostly the default username and password

is admin if it doesn't work and just

look behind your Wi-Fi router so it will

be written there

all right let's type the user and a

password so now you will see the

configuration page of your Wi-Fi device

here will be so many options and

functions for example like firewall Van

land mine device configuration page may

looks different from yours but every

device has a wireless option so all you

need to find here of wireless option we

just need this wireless option to change

the name and the password that's easy

so here is the s Society it stands for

service set identifier in simple words

it's just a name of your Wi-Fi you can

change it to whatever you want


so let's check out security option to

modify the password so here are the

black dots I'm just gonna modify this

area so maybe my device configuration

page looks different from yours but you

just need a tricky mind it's easy

every Wi-Fi router has the same settings

just find out wireless tab in your

configuration page that's it so finally

the Wi-Fi password is successfully

changed so now let's try to connect with

the new password so first of all

obviously we have to forget the current

network and let's type here 1 2 3 4 5 6

7 8 and let's try to join so yeah it is

successfully joined and that's it this

is how you can change your Wi-Fi

password it's too easy and every

everybody can do this every kid - can do

this thank you guys for watching the

video subscribe my channel for more

videos have a nice day goodbye peace out