Minecraft - How to name your sword - Ethan and Clayton

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what you wanted to tell you how old he

is all day one

fine that's why he always that's pretty

bit quick crazy videos today I'm gonna

be showing you how to name your sword

guys I'm gonna turn on it saying whoever

okay as you can see I've made myself

nice and strong so death sword the way

to meanness or is I'll just grab a sword

sword out

soda how to make that I'm just gonna

bake a short

okay what you do is you grab an anvil

maybe one I'll name it tell them how old

I am

and check the cost seven but if you and

do it with enchanted sword trusty land

for takeoff what like 30 and get it

over here

up here anything enchantment costs 14

there's anything you wanna talk no let's

turn in this video get in this video

yeah there's one thing I want to say but

you want to know what Clayton loves this

village and he killed Valley judge you

bet me will be me okay

hi when did you make that is that

supposed to be a second L Wow

oh wow yeah

if you don't know how to change your

skin I'll show you right now this is

obviously you press Start go to help

them off in Shane skin get to pick your

own and I'm gonna go I'm gonna turn on

something so guys look how this guy

flies party not so damn much

take off with Tomy is moment and guys

will get y'all funny mustache there and

you can see you anytime super funny

super funny hey wait what in here make

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