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hey everyone that's Nick today I want to

show you a really cool trick on how you

can name villagers and survival

single-player minecraft without any

cheats kind of so this trick was round

by n i xf r i a are are who submitted

this trick to the minecraft subreddit

and i'm gonna put a link to his profile

into the video description so you can

check him out maybe give him an up for

and help him out otherwise and the trick

works like this

so as you all know if you right-click a

villager with a nametag his trading menu

is gonna pop up and it also does not

work if you shift click and right-click

because the same thing is going to

happen and that's a rumor that many

people believe but it turns out not to

be true so the trick is to go to another

bottle this might be like I don't know

it might not be that useful but if you

want to name your villagers so badly

just build a nether portal then go into

it and then click on the villager a

couple times and then he is gonna named

he's gonna be named John and we can do

that with this companions as well so we

take another nametag just go until the

nether portal slightly go out and then

click on them so the way this works is

as you all know if you hit E or escape

in the nether portal it's not gonna do

anything and the same thing happens here

so it's not going to open the trading

GUI that's what this is called um

instead it'll open it for a split second

almost not visible and then you can name

him because he will not open that menu

and the same thing goes for multiplayer

trick when one village when one player

enters the villager and another one can

name him because he can only yeah except

one trade at a time sort of like that

you don't need to understand it it's

just how it works if you want to

understand it just go into the portal

step outside just a little bit so that

you're still in it make sure not to go

through the portal because then it won't

work and you need to travel back so be a

little bit faster and then you can name

your villagers John lovely right if you

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right now ok that's going to be it

thanks for watching and good bye