✔ How To Use Name Tags in Minecraft

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you are everybody how's it going my name

is Anthony and in today's video I'm

going to be showing you all how to use

name tags now I know it sounds quite

simple but you know there is a

complicated side to it I'm not gonna lie

so um you know I'm going to be showing

you all how to use them and stuff like

that so name tags can only be found in

dungeons just note that down quickly

because you can't craft them or anything

like that you can only find them in

dungeons so um yeah if you find a name

tag at a dungeon and you're pretty lucky

and stuff like that but what nametags

basically do they're pretty

self-explanatory I mean you can really

do is name mobs and pets and stuff like

that so I've got a bunch of them right

here as you can see and you're going to

need experience so you're going to need

to level up and stuff like that by

killing mobs in mining and stuff like

that so I'm just going to give myself a

bunch of XP right here as you can see

and as you can see I'm like level 22 and

all you need to do with the name tags is

that you need to have an anvil now to

craft an anvil there'll be a crafting

recipe on the screen now they're pretty

easy to make but yeah you want to go

into the anvil and you want to have

experience take that into account and

what you want to do is put one of the

nametags in the anvil and what you want

to do right here is pick a name that you

want so I'll just pick any old nails per

I deactivate for example so yeah it will

cost five experience for one nametag and

if I go up to a mob with it or dog or

something it will name it I deactivate

right here as you can see now I think it

works on enemy mobs as well so we're

going to try that

so we'll cool

stupid spider and yeah we're gonna see

if it works and there you go stupid

spider that's and basically it so yeah

that's pretty much it for nametags I

mean they're pretty easy to use once you

know how to do it but yeah as I said

there's a complicate side to it but it

does fix the I already hope this video

has helped you well if it has then

that's awesome but yeah thanks so much

for watching have a great day and I'll

talk to you later bye