Names of 50 US States with American Accent - American English Pronunciation

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Hello there and welcome to the Sounds American 4th of July special!

The 4th of July, or Independence Day, is a big national holiday in the United States.

[the sound of fireworks]

On this day in 1776

thirteen British colonies declared their independence from England.

This was the beginning of the US.

Several decades later,

by 1836,

there were 25 states in the USA.

Since then, the number of the states has increased to 50.

Do you know how to correctly pronounce the names of all 50 states?

That's what we'll practice in this video.

You can do this while getting ready for a barbecue with your friends.

This is how it works.

You'll see the name of a state on the screen and hear its pronunciation.

Like this.

Repeat each state name after the speaker.

The more time you spend practicing,

the sooner you'll see progress.

Let's begin!

You're done!


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