How to name series in Google sheets | Add or remove series | Edit series

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this video shows how you can name the

series in Google sheet so here I have

got one chart with temperature humidity

these are the series for ect I'm

displaying temperature humidity now let

us say you want to read that or name

that series then what you do is that

select that chart and then click on edit

chart and after that you will be taken

to this particular page in the data

section you can see this series so there

are two series I had no temperature

humidity and if you want to change the

particular series you can change

directly over here in the data itself

like from temperature if you want to say

right temperature in the actual name and

here you can see that this particular

series has changed from tame to

temperature and I'm gonna show you how

you can insert some more series in that

so for other click on edit this

particular chart and then all your do

you just did let us say you want to add

another series then for the moisture

suppose here you can give any points if

you want

and then in the indistinct chart if you

want to add that particular series then

just click on edit chart and then here

there is one but an odd series just

click on that and then here you have to

give the range so this is the range that

I under you click on ok so you can see

that another series has been added that

is moisture and the bar is also showing

that values or if you really again also

remove that or you can add labels for

that series as well you can also click

on edit to give the different range or

you can add the labels as well for that

you have to do with the range and there

is different setting like if you want to

combine the ranges horizontally or

vertically switch rows and columns if

you want you can also aggregate columns

as well so that's how you can like you

know deal with this series change your

settings in Google sheet thanks for

watching this video