How to Change Elements of a Chart like Title, Axis Titles, Legend etc in Excel 2016

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you can change the chart elements like

title access titles legend etcetera so

that the chart conveys more information

to the users the example worksheet has a

chart for sales data of a company for a

year to change the chart elements click

on the chart and click on plus sign to

the right of the chart Excel displays

the different chart elements you can see

some of them are by default activated to

change the title click on title type

whatever title you want

if you want to have titles to the axis

select the axis titles type the axis

title you want for vertical and

horizontal axis

like sales in dollars for the vertical


the data labels display the values as

you can see if you select it the data

table if you want to display the values

as a table below the chart error bars

are used if the values represented are

not accurate and can have margin of

error the gridlines if you want to

display the gridlines or not legend

gives the series like this sales chart

is for year 2016 to change the legend

click on the legend under chart tools

click on design tab click on select data

select the legend entry and click on

edit and change the series name as you

wanted like year 2016 click OK click OK

you can see the legend is changed to

year 2016 the trend line shows the sales

trend it is more reliable when the R

square value is near 1 this is how you

can change the elements of a chart if

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