MS Excel - Name Range

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in this video we are gonna see how to

work with name range how to create

delete rename and how to use name range

in your worksheet let's see those one by

one on the screen if you see I have

written some dummy data let's say name

designation salary and department so

what I do is I have multiple sheets

every now and then I have to remember

the sheet name so what I can do is I can

create a simple shortcut method by which

I can name some areas let's say for

example if you see here c2 to c6 there

are some names written so what I'll do

is I'll select this c2 to c6 now if you

see here in the name box there know the

name is given as C - what I'll do is

I'll try to give some name which is

familiar so what I'll do is I'll select

and I'll click on this place and they'll

just type any name it can be your name

my name or anything so right now I'll

type here as name one press Enter so

what is the benefit of this so if I'm

lost in any other sheet let's say I'm in

this place in this June sheet and if I

want to go back to c2 to c6 in that

sheet so I don't have to struggle

finding that shield I can just go to

this name range in this name box and you

see there's a name one displayed and

just click on this name one and my

cursor will be dedicated to that place

so you see name 1 c2 to c6 is selected

so that is one advantage navigating

between the workbook within the

worksheets next is now I've given a name

range to one place what if I want to

rename that I do not want as name one I

want to change it to name two so how do

I do this this was the shortcut method

for creating a named range now it is a

long cut method for renaming it so you

can go to the formulas and you see

there's a name manager so when I click

on the name manager you'll get a dialog

box here if you see a name one the

values are given and the range is given

what if you want to rename it so you

just click on this edit button and

you'll get a dialog box now it says the

name is name one the area is named range

c2 to c6 and it is within the workbook

so what I'll do is I'll just delete this

name one and I'll type your name - and

click on ok so this is name - change

named and I'll click on close now if you

see here the range is named as name too

so this way you can just rename a name

range similarly if you want to create a

named range by some other method I'll go

with this option now I'll create a named

range by long curd method I'll go to

formulas tab and I'll go to name manager

you see there's an option as name new

and right now the name is given as

manager the first cell it has taken so

I'll delete that manager and I'll type

here designation and the range is

selected as d2 to d6 and I'll click on

ok so but before that if you see the

scope of this ranges within the workbook

so if you see there are lists of options

given if you want the range name within

the workbook or within particular sheet

so you can select the sheet name right

now I will not disturb it I'll just keep

it within the workbook and I'll click on

OK and I will click on close so you see

this area is now henceforth known as

designations so if you click on any cell

and if you want to go back to that place

you can just click on this name box and

you can click on designation so you see

we have to jump back to the designation

place now if you don't like this name

range if you want to delete that how do

you do that so I'll go back to the name

manager ok whichever name range you want

to believe you just select that name

range and you can just click on this

delete option it will ask you are you

sure you want to delete the range that

is for the designation I will say yes

okay and you can just click on close so

this way you can name create a new one

rename and you can delete a name range

let's go for the next one how do we use

it yeah

next is if you want to go for creating

name range for multiple columns now if

you see I have deleted the other one

I'll go and delete the next name manager

and delete this name too and click on

close what if I have multiple columns

all the columns I want name range at one

time if there are four columns by this

method I have to go four times to create

a named range I'll give you a shortcut

method to create name range for four

columns how do I do that

so I'll just just select the data like

this remember earlier I didn't select

the column heading that was the column

heading name designation salary but in

this method I'll select all the column

headings and all the data next is I have

to go to the formulas tab and I have to

select this option as create from

selection so once I click on create from

selection it will ask me what names you

want to give you want to give as a top

row or a left column but as for my

requirement I want to give us top row so

I will select this option as top row and

I'll click on OK but make sure in the

column heading you do not have a space

for example you cannot put a salary

space today or salary space tomorrow

anything so you have to just keep make

sure there should not be a space in

between the column headings now I'll

just click on OK once I click on OK this

4 columns will have this name as the

name range name I'll click on OK so that

is done how do I check it I have to go

back to the name box and when you click

on this option you see there are four

lists which are present these are

nothing but the names of the range which

are given right now so in this video we

have seen how to create how to delete

rename and use the name range in all the

places that's it