Renaming Photos on an iPhone : Tech Yeah!

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hey I'm Skyler the easiest way I've

found to rename photos on iPhone is with

iPhoto let me show you how it works

first of all it'll cost you a few bucks

from the App Store but it's totally

worth it I've got running in my

multitasking bar here I'm going to tap

it open up and this is the first thing

you see all of your albums including

your camera roll your photo stream any

albums you've made in the Photos app so

I'm just going to go to my camera roll

and pick an image let's see when I made

earlier looks pretty good up top here

there's a little button with an eye if I

tap that I gives me a place to write a

caption so I'm going to let's see call

this one mid morning okay and this is

also where it shows me all the

information about the image then I'm

going to tap Done and right here I'm

going to tap share and I'm going to

share it to Flickr

select the image send it to my photo

stream make it public so anybody can see

it could add tags if I wanted to maybe

I'll say Portland in Maine there you go

tap Done and tap share that's going to

upload that photo to Flickr and the

reason I'm doing this is so that you can

see how the caption we added in iPhoto

ends up as a title in Flickr and take a

look at my photo stream here I'm going

to do it in the app instead let's

refresh up there it is and we see right

here the title mid-morning light perfect

easy have fun I'm Skyler thanks for