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so the first thing you're gonna want to

know that name tags you cannot build

them you cannot craft them in the

crafting table you can only get them

from from caves where you kill enemies

you have to basically get lucky to

obtain one you can't just build them

okay so first of all after that once you

get your name tags or one of them you're

gonna want to have envy and to build an

anvil you're gonna need three iron

blocks and three iron ingots those are

pretty easy to get nametags are the only

hard thing to get in all this process

once you have build your anvil you will

get in your envelope some XP level

because to get a name you're gonna have

you're gonna need to have 5 XP level

minimum and then get into in your

envelope put your nametag in the first

box and then tag whatever you want to

call them I'll calm god and then you

pick up your nametags and then you can

go to any mob or animal you have and

name it as I do right now

god I named him God and I think that you

can also do it on mobs I think so so you

see idea on my sheep you can do it on

any type of animals and I'm gonna try it

on this slime to see if it actually

works on mobs that are enemies and there

you go see I can name him but I would

not do it on a creeper because obviously

creepers can blow up and you're just

gonna waste your tag but other than that

that's pretty easy I hope that this

helped you guys please like and drop

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next time peace