How To Change Your Username / Computer Name In Windows 10

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hello everyone how are you doing this is

mdtech here another quick tutorial today

I'm going to be showing how to rename

your computer in Windows 10 so well

every computer generally has a name

attached to it there might be default

names that you would rather change and

if you are looking to do that such

action today this tutorial is gonna be

for you guys so please know you have to

be locked into an administrative account

in order to proceed okay so with that

out of the way we're gonna just jump

straight into this so we're going to

start by heading over to our Start

button and we're going to left-click on

that then left click on settings left

click on the system tile

on the bottom of the option list here

love cooking it down underneath PC name

you can left click on rename PC so click

on this little rectangle at this point

you can name it whatever you want

so if you'd rather not have the name

desktop PLC ECT 8 as your desktop name

which I have no idea why you'd want to

possibly change that you can name it

whatever you want

so I'll mash manage name at this PC and

then my head next actually you have to

make sure it's one word so it's going to

be this PC and then I'm going to left

click on next and this will take a

moment to take effect so just be patient

here and it's very simple after you

restart your PC your PC name will change

to whatever you set it to be so I hope

this brief tutorial helped you guys out

and I will catch you in the next video