How to Use the Nether Star in Minecraft to Make a Beacon

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hey there YouTube are genican welcome

back to another video I just wanted to

show you guys a little something today

that may be interesting and some of you

may not know so let's just assume that

you just got done fighting the wither

boss and you got your first nether star

and you don't know exactly what to do

with it

so let me show you what you can do our

GA Nick here you're watching the Archie

a minecraft channel don't you have any

extra and I notice over and over and

over again the entire thing is going

let's find out basically all you need to

do is take the nether star surround it

with some glass on the top and sides and

then put some obsidian on the bottom and

now you have a beacon and I'm sure you

guys are probably seen beacons on you

know some of the servers that you play

on and it's a giant little beam that

shoots into the sky and so let's see

what happens if we place it on the

ground nothing's happening

so some of you guys might be like what's

going on why doesn't it turn on you have

to tape the little buttons in here or

something and if you if you don't know

what's going on any right-click on this

and see this stuff I mean it's kind of

confusing a little bit but if you look

you can see this little structure here

you see that there's four of them and it

kind of resembles a pyramid and there's

something on top that looks like it's

shooting out of light so it's kind of

telling you that in order to work it

needs to be on something now it's got

these little blocks here that also act

kind of like a little hint as to what

you're going to do for it so let's take

our beacon back and let's try to make a

little square out of iron and let's try

putting it on the center of that and see

what happens so we got our little 3x3

square of iron and we're going to put

this on top and look at that we now have

a beacon so pretty cool and as you can

see since we've got it powered up it now

has a choice between speed and haste so

I believe speed will just make you

quicker and Haise will let you mine

faster so if we put a piece of iron in

this little slot here after clicking on

that of course then we click on this and

now if we go into our inventory you'll

know so we have a haste buff on us and

it'll keep refreshing itself and now if

we've started mining we'd mine a little

bit faster so that's pretty cool and you

can see that there are five boosts total

on this side and there's two over here

so regeneration haste to but you can't

click on any of them they're all

disabled and as you can see this over

here now has two layers worth of

material so either gold blocks iron

blocks diamond blocks or emerald blocks

so I think in order to get to the next

level we must need to insert a second

layer and we have to keep to the pyramid

standards and actually I'm just going to

go ahead and do the whole thing and to

unlock all four of these or all these

options you have to have four layers

deep so that actually equates to a lot

of blocks and just to show you guys how

many there's a reason I've got two and a

little over a half stacks of iron blocks

because on top of those nine already

down it's going to take two stacks

sixty-four and a stack of 27 so let's go

ahead and let's just start laying some

of these down now this thing is going to

be massive by the time you get done with

it and like I said it takes a lot of

blocks to unlock the entire structure so

just one two three four sister top layer

here your top layer is going to be your

3x3 and just like this now put this on

there and once we fill in the rest of

these these other layers will unlock

those options so I

going to keep filling this stuff and I

believe it's going to take a little bit

here but it'll be worth it trust me and

it's pretty cool because it's basically

I mean once you get this thing set up

it's going to continually giving you the

boosts basically until you either

destroy it and move it or until you get

out of range of its effects which I'll

show you guys in a little bit that's run

along and I'll show you a really cool

effect from it - which might really help

you out if you have a lot of mining to

do so almost done here you can see I'm

getting low on blocks which is good

thing because that means we're almost

done building and looks like this Way's

got to go one more wider as well alright

and aside here perfect and last one

there cool so now we have our full

pyramid of blocks and like I said those

could be any of those four types and now

you'll notice that everything is

unlocked on it so I could choose to have

haste or basically one from each side

and whatever you pick on this side

you'll get the second version of it over

here so if I went with jump boost and

jump boost - so right now you know I can

jump basically one block tall and if I

put on the jump boost the secondary jump

boost then you can see that now I jump a

lot higher now it's not super impressive

but what is impressive is if we go with

haste and take the haste - and you have

a efficiency five pickaxe now this is

where it gets really fun so we've got

this little mountain here and I did

choose this location for a reason

because I want to show you guys the cool

effects of this but if you have a

efficiency five pickaxe and you have


haste to buff you can see that it

literally just destroys these blocks and

I have no mods or cheats or anything

like that on and you can see coal does

take a little bit longer it doesn't

instantly pop those but as far as stone

it just literally goes through and

destroys and I think if you have a

efficiency 3 shovel it'll do the same

thing to dirt and sand and stuff so as

you can see this is just a crazy fast

way to mine a ton of cobblestone so it

does take a little while to get this

whole operation set up and going it does

take a lot of iron but once you do you

can see that you could literally just

fly through these blocks so a lot of

times what people will do is they'll

mine pretty much all the way down to

bedrock and they'll build this whole

little structure down there and then the

beam goes all the way up so you can

continuously get the pace to buff as

long as you're you know close enough to

it so I'm just going to go ahead and

make a tunnel this way and I'm going to

see how far away I can get before the

effect wears off and I can't even see

anything and I still hear it so you can

see we're this far away let me grab a

torch BAM okay and okay I was hitting

gravel so let's keep going

and let's say you can get pretty far

away with this make myself a couple more

torches this way you can see what we're

doing and still instantly popping these

things so you can see the range on this

thing is pretty big and we're still

going up and looks like we finally got

out of range of it so we no longer have

our buff but let's just look at our


so we want to look at the first set

there so 1,200 basically we'll call it

and then we got to get back to our point

over here so from 1200 to basically 1140

so what 5060 blocks away you'll get the

effect from that aura so yeah definitely

a great way to clear blocks and it gives

you a little more purpose to just having

a beacon so hopefully you guys learned a

little something let me know your

thoughts and if you guys have any

questions about how anything else works

I will see you guys soon make sure to

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