How to Write the Name for NaCl

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to write the name for na CL we first

need to recognize that this is an ionic

compound we have a metal and a nonmetal

so that makes it an ionic compound

specifically we have sodium and chlorine

so we have two different elements that

makes it a binary ionic compound and we

can use these rules here to write the

name so the first thing we do is we

write the name for the metal as it

appears on the periodic table so na

that's just sodium then we write the

name for the nonmetal so we write

chlorine with a small C and once we have

that we replace the ending with IDE so

we cross this out and write I D e so the

name for NaCl is sodium chloride if you

were given the name and asked to write

the formula you need to know that sodium

on the periodic tables in Group one it

has a 1 plus ionic charge and then the

chloride chlorine forms ions with 1

minus is its ionic charge these cancel

out they give us a net charge of zero so

the name for NaCl is just sodium

chloride na CL this is dr. B and thanks

for watching