✅ How To Change Your iPhone Name - UPDATED 🔴

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hey welcome back guys so today on this

video we are talking about iPhones and

more specifically I'm gonna show you how

to change the name of your iPhone so

let's go ahead and talk about this first

off guys this is gonna be a really quick

video not a lot of steps involved with

this so be sure to stick around to the

end we're gonna go ahead and talk about

why you would want to change your iPhone

name well that's pretty easy if you have

your new iPhone name something

embarrassing and somebody tries to share

something with you from airdrop or if

you are sharing your Wi-Fi signal with

somebody they're gonna see what your

name is on your iPhone so if you have a

embarrassing name like big fluffy or

little tiny John or whatever the case is

then you might want to change that to