Easy Way to Come Up with a Blog Name & Domain

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one of the most difficult things for

bloggers when they start out is choosing

their blog domain it really shouldn't be

too complicated but it is we have a

tendency to kind of overthink things and

if you want to be a good professional

blogger you have got to be good at

making decisions even if they're not the

best decisions and maybe you should have

gone down a different path you're never

gonna know unless you actually take the

plunge and make a decision so today I'm

going to be giving you a couple of tips

about choosing your domain because if

you've been putting it off for even a

couple of days you've already put it off

for too long

the thing about choosing a blog domain

is that one it's got to be really easy

for people to remember - it's got to be

easy to spell don't get over creative

here we don't want to test people on

their grammatical creativeness we really

just want them to be able to find us the

easiest way that you can choose your

blog domain is to one make sure that it

includes some sort of keyword or a

couple of keywords that describes the

content so that people really know what

it is you're talking about and to try to

choose something within that blog domain

that incites some sort of excitement or

authority or trustworthiness and what I

mean by this essentially is if you're

not going to be blogging with your full


so I'm Allison Lindstrom and I blog at

Allison Lindstrom com that's not a good

fit for everybody not everyone wants to

choose their name so if you're not going

to be doing that and instead you're

going to be choosing something else to

describe your blog and some other blog

domain name you really want to make it

kind of descriptive and talk about what

it is you're blogging about but then you

also want to give people some sort of

excitement so here's a really good

example recently I posted a video that

had 120 domain name modifiers and these

modifiers are simply a hundred and

twenty different keywords that can

incite some sort of emotion from your

readers the example that I gave in that

video was writing out a list of the

keywords that described your blog in

that example it was all about saving


and then I chose one of the 120 domain

name modifiers and in that example I

chose report so that saving money report

com was the domain name that we came up

with now a lot of people would overthink

this and feel like oh is it too basic oh

is it too this to that but the important

thing here is one it's easy to remember

- it's easy to spell which is so

important three it kind of describes

what it is they're talking about saving

money and four by using the word report

it can kind of insight some sort of like

wow this is a site that might be a

really good authority if it's a saving

money report it means that they're going

to have all sorts of blog posts that

talk about all the different ways I can

save money if I'm really focusing on

getting out of debt paying off student

loans paying off you know whatever we

have buying a house saving money to

purchase a house or to purchase a

vehicle then I'm gonna want to find as

many reports as I possibly can on saving

money so in this example saving money

report calm is actually a really good

choice for a domain name don't overthink


you will stunt your growth as a blogging

business owner the most important thing

is that as you make decisions you learn

but you won't learn unless you make

those decisions and you'll always just

stay at square one so don't be afraid to

take the plunge and to finally make that

decision today about what your domain

name is going to be if you're having a

hard time coming up with domain names

and you feel like all the good ones are

taken I will leave a link down below to

the video where I talked about how to

use domain name modifiers to find the

perfect domain and it's gonna be very

very helpful for you if I had to guess

if I was sitting down with one of my

students in person I would put on a

timer for 30 minutes and I'd say go by

the end of 30 minutes you should have

your domain name not only chosen but

purchased thanks so much for watching

this video guys leave a comment down

below and let me know what stage you are

in have you already chosen your domain

name did it take you a long time was it

something that you really struggled with

or did it kind of come to you naturally

I'm always intrigued by the processes

and the journeys that you guys go

through so please let me know as always

I'm Alison Lindstrom give this video a

nice little

like if you wouldn't mind and I will see

you next time