ALL iPhones: How to Change AirDrop Name

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hey what is going on guys so this goes

for all I phones across the board

basically you want to change your iPhone

name okay once you change your iPhone

name for example when you do an airdrop

that name is going to be the new name

that you put on there okay so very very

simple to do so first thing is just go

into your settings here and then from

here what you want to do is you want to

scroll down to general right there tap

on general now what you want to do is

tap on about so go ahead and tap on

about right here let me hide my IMEI

number and right up here is this name

here okay so you can see mine says Jo

right there let me go and tap on that

and then put in a different name okay

how about uh how do you guys like that

FBI go ahead and click on done and there

you go now you have renamed your iPhone

here to you or whatever name you just

change it to - currently FBI the thing

is if you're doing airdrop with somebody

that's you know that's right next to you

right now and then you change it you're

gonna have to wait a while for your

phone to actually register with their

phone as well it may require your you to

go ahead and reboot your phone or for

them to reboot their phone or sometimes

you got to put on airplane mode and take

it off of airplane mode anyways I hope

that's helped you guys out guys thanks

for watching and I'll see on the next

one bye