How To Change The Name Of Your Mac

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Hi I'm Serge Siou and welcome to MacStudioA.

In this Episode: How To Change the Name of Your Mac.

There maybe many reasons why you may want to change the name of your Mac. The process

to do so is simple, quick and easy.

Soooooooo, Let’s Get Started.

Simply launch System Preferences either from the Dock or by clicking on the Apple logo

and selecting System Preferences.

Then click on the Sharing icon, which will open the Sharing window. Click the lock to

make changes by entering your Admin details. Now enter a new name for your Mac as shown here.

Incidentally; if you want to display your Mac computer in the sidebar of Finder, simply

launch Finder, then from Finders’s menubar, click Finder and select Preferences.

Now, click on the Sidebar button and check the box shown here to display your Mac computer

on Finder’s sidebar.

And that’s all there is to it, done like dinner.

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