iOS 13's New "Find My" App: Everything You Need to Know!

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find my friends and find my iPhone has

been combined into one application

inside of iOS 13 and is simply called

find my and in this video we're gonna go

over everything you need to know about

the new find my application before we

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we share a video find my is broken down

into three tabs people devices and me

the people tab is where you'll find your

friends that you've shared your location

with the icons of your friends will be

shown inside of the interactive map or

you can see more details by clicking on

the name of your friend on the list

below the map tapping on a person's name

in the list provides an option to bring

up their contacts card for sending a

message or an option to get directions

to their location for any person who's

sharing a location with you you can turn

on notifications so that you get

notifications when they leave or arrive

at a specific location and there's also

an option to notify your friend when you

leave or arrive at a specific location

if you wish to share your location with

a friend

simply tap share my location at the

bottom of your friends list you can opt

to share your own location permanently

for an hour or until the end of the day

the next tab is how you will locate all

of your devices that are signed into

iCloud and have the find my feature

enabled just like the people's section

all of your devices are displayed on a

map and you can zoom in or out to get a

better picture of their location tapping

on a single device provides you with

options to get directions to its

location inside of Apple maps play a

sound for locating a nearby lost device

or get a notification when it's found if

it's offline there's an option to mark a

device as lost which locks the device

disables Apple pay and allows contact

information to be put right on the lock

screen and as a last resort there's a

tool for deleting all of your data now

one of the biggest changes inside of iOS

13 is the ability to locate a device

without a Wi-Fi or LTE connection this

feature leverages Bluetooth and

proximity to other nearby Apple devices

when you're lost device is offline but

close to another device it's able to

connect to that other device over

Bluetooth and relay its location that

means that your devices are more

packable than ever and there's a better

chance you can find a device that's been

lost you're not going to notice a

difference in the find my app when

tracking a device over Bluetooth rather

than a cellular or Wi-Fi connection it

simply shows up on the list of devices

like any other device that has a

standard connection for this example the

MacBook Pro listed here is actually

closed and stowed away inside of a bag

but it's still trackable thanks to this

new feature if you want to know more

about how this feature works our find my

guide listed in the description down

below can offer you more details about

how Apple was able to make this feature

possible while preserving user privacy

finally the me tab displays your current

location and includes toggles for

sharing location allowing friend

requests choosing who to receive

location updates from and naming a

specific place find my is available

across the latest version of iOS iPad OS

and Mac OS and will be officially

available this fall let us know what you

think of the new find my app and its new

features in the comment section down

below this has been done with Mac rumors

thanks for watching and I will see you

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