How to create a hyperlink and rename it

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hi there this screencast is going to

quickly show you how to hyperlink a

document to link any particular document

whether it's a slide a sheet a document

Google Doc into another document and

even into a form when you submit work so

there's two parts to it like how to

actually copy the link and make the link

copies so that I can put it somewhere

and then how do I rename or retitle the

link so it's not that ugly big long

address rather it's the name of what I'm

actually copying so right now I have the

module playlists for your work in front

of me and you'll notice that I do have

hyperlinks in this document otherwise

you can also call that a hyper doc is

links inside the doc and I have one

right here that's a link and when I

click on it you see that a link appears

below but notice that this isn't an