Naming line segments

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welcome to moomoomath today we're going

to look at naming line segments okay

I've got a drawing up here it's got a B

C D and let's add an e down here we've

got five points let's say I want to name

this segment to name this segment I can

either name it D a or a D this segment

would be named you can take a guess

CB or BC what if I wanted to name the

segment from here to here that would

either be EA or a e and how about from

here to here what would you name it

EB or B e now the only trick is how do

you actually communicate that when you

write it down okay to name this segment

from D to C one way would be to write D

C with a segment and notice I didn't put

arrows on that I have and you can even

put little dots on the ends if you want

to to show that that is a segment in it

does not continue so you can name that

DC or CD both of those represent the

segment from here to here okay so I'm

going to give you a quick overview of

the rules what are the rules for naming

a line segment and the first rule is you

need to use two letters and the letters

are always capital letters because those

are points that you're referring to and

then you're going to draw a line over it

without arrows so here's another example

if I want to name the segment from X to

Y even though it's part of a line and I

just want to designate that as a line

segment I can just name it

X Y with a lot of two dots on the end to

show that I'm just referring to this

section of the picture now if I wanted

to name the whole line as it continues

forever there's another video on lines

but I'll show you how to do that

you would just name it XY with a line

with arrows on it so that's the

difference between a line segment and a

full line hope this video was helpful