How to Balance H3PO4 + KOH = K3PO4 + H2O (Phosphoric acid + Potassium hydroxide)

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in this neutralization reaction we have

phosphoric acid plus potassium hydroxide

that gives us the salt potassium

phosphate and water so start by counting

up the atoms on each side of the

equation we have the three hydrogen's

here plus we have one in this potassium

hydroxide so we have four hydrogen's and

then I'm going to count this phosphate

here it's just one item I have a

phosphate here and a phosphate here so

if I just call it one thing that makes

counting the oxygens up a lot easier I

have one potassium and then this oxygen

here is separate from the po4 so I'll

count that on the product side I have

the two H's here I have one of the PIO

fours I have three potassium and then

oxygens I have the one over here why

don't we start by fixing the potassium

it's usually easier to leave the

hydrogen's and oxygens to last so I have

three potassium so I'll put a

coefficient of 3 in front of the Koh

that means I have 1 times 3 and that

balances the potassium but I need to

update the oh and the H so now I have 1

times the 3 for the oxygen that gives me

3 oxygens and then we need to update the

hydrogen's so we have our 3 hydrogen's

here plus we have the 1 times the 3 that

gives us 3 we have six hydrogen atoms

let's fix the hydrogen if I put a 3 in

front of the h2o then 2 times 3

that'll give me 6 hydrogen so those are

balanced and then the water the 1 times

the 3 that gives me 3 oxygens which

balances the oxygens so at this point

everything is the same on each side of

the equation and we're done it's

balanced this is dr. B with the balanced

equation for h3po4 plus Koh he oats k3

po4 plus h2o and thanks for watching