How to Write the Name for K2S

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to write the name for k2s we first need

to recognize that this is an ionic

compound that's because we have a metal

and a nonmetal metal and a nonmetal

bonded together

that's an ionic compound and

specifically it's a binary ionic

compound we have two different elements

bonded together that means it's a binary

ionic compound and we use these rules to

write the name so for potassium we're

gonna write the name of the metal that's

the K potassium as it appears on the

periodic table so we'll write potassium

and then we write the name for the

nonmetal that's the sulfur so we're

right so we write s 2 small s and we

replace the ending with IDE so the you

are becomes I D II so the name for K 2 s

is potassium sulfide if you are given

the name and asked to find the formula

you'd need to realize that potassium has

a 1 plus ionic charge each one of the

potassium has a 1 plus ionic charge the

sulfur has a 2 minus ion ik so you can

see why we need two of these 1 plus ions

potassium ions to balance the charge on

the sulfur

this is dr. B with the name for K 2 s

potassium sulfide thanks for watching