How to Name/Label Blocks in Minecraft! (1.7 Map Tutorial)

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hey guys votes here and with the new 1.7

snapshot you can name blocks or at least

you can be kind of creative about it so

let me show you how you do that first

you'll need a map some pieces of paper

crafting table item frame and let's get

the other thing we're going to need

which is an anvil alright so what you

want to do is I get out of this in your


open up your map in the nether and then

click on a crafting table what you want

to do is you want to make this map

larger so you just surround it in paper

and now it becomes a new map don't put

it back into the inventory slot that you

have selected put it in a different one

that way you don't reopen your map so

once it head back into the overworld

what you have now is a fresh map of the

nether that is blank so one way you can

test out to see if this works you put

down an item frame put your map on it

it's going to turn into just a blank

thing because there's nothing mapped out

make sure you can see a little

difference but for the most part it's

going to be empty so you can just take

your map back and your item frame so

what you want to do is you want to take

it to your anvil take your map and name

it whatever so Knapp now join the wolf

pack like so so now you can take it to

any block and I need iron frame put the

item frame down put it and it says join

the wolf pack because it's naming the

map that's invisible so now you have an

essentially named block so you can just

pretty much take this to anything that

you want so you take that and now if

you're especially if in your you're in

creative mode you can mass spam it or if

you're just in survival mode you can

still pull this trick off so now you

just kind of get to go around and name

things can name crafting tables any

block that you can place the item frame

on can now be named

so I hope you all liked this trick and

do what it says join the Wolfpack tell

me what you think about this video and

just most importantly have a nice day