iOS How to Name a Group Message Chat iPhone 7

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hey everyone citizen be quick tutorial

on how to create a group chat name for

any iPhone iOS 10 including the iPhone 7

and the 7 pause so it's using the iPhone

7 is an example here first what you're

going to do is going to go into your

messages app and then you're going to

choose the conversation that you want to

create a group chat name for so first

I'll show you an example where we'll

work an example it won't so I'm going to

select Tom and Donna here and then in

the top right corner you should see this

aisle four circle around it click on

that and then at the top you may see

this text here says enter group name so

of course if you see that you're just

going to enter in a group name just

click on it and then type whatever you

want so imma type in test and then press

done right here on the keyboard and then

the top right corner press done so now

you see this group has been renamed the

test now in some instances what you may

need to do is you may need to swipe

downwards like this to actually see this

right here again this try sliding

downwards if you still don't see it

what's probably the problem with it is

you need to actually be texting people

who own iPhones who have iMessage

enabled so just for example one of this

group message right here Tom and Adam

now one of these people have iMessage

the other one doesn't so if I click over

here on the top right you see I do not

get that option so even if I swipe

downwards no option to rename it and you

know if it's green like this then one of

the people at least one of the people in

the group message don't have iMessage or

iPhone if it's blue like in the test

group you just did as you hear it's blue

so that means that they do of iMessage

and you can rename it so yeah I think

it's pretty um pretty done that you

can't actually rename it if everyone

doesn't have an iPhone but that's how it

is alright guys thanks for watching if

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comments if you have any questions