How to create a hyperlink and rename it

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hi there this screencast is going to

quickly show you how to hyperlink a

document to link any particular document

whether it's a slide a sheet a document

Google Doc into another document and

even into a form when you submit work so

there's two parts to it like how to

actually copy the link and make the link

copies so that I can put it somewhere

and then how do I rename or retitle the

link so it's not that ugly big long

address rather it's the name of what I'm

actually copying so right now I have the

module playlists for your work in front

of me and you'll notice that I do have

hyperlinks in this document otherwise

you can also call that a hyper doc is

links inside the doc and I have one

right here that's a link and when I

click on it you see that a link appears

below but notice that this isn't an

ugly-looking link it has a name so in

this case that name is create an NPS DGD

PD tasks folder so to sweet that is so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to

show you how to do it I'm gonna use this

document which is my document on how to

learn from a video tutorial and I put

this in the module 1 - for you to try to

get the most out of learning from a

video tutorial many of us haven't done a

lot of that and there are tricks and

tips that we should know and we should

use and also show our students so that

if we are gonna make a screencast for

our students and we're going to ask them

to make a screencast we we know how to

get them to use video tutorials in the

most effective way so in this case if I

wanted to take this document which ITAT

which is attached to this link that's

where the URL address is up here and

that particular link or address is

always connected with this particular

document anywhere on the web of the

Internet so when I click on it I like to


control-c and then for instance say if I

wanted to come back here and I hadn't

put it here already you can see that I

did what if I wanted to put it here I

would go in my document where I wanted

to paste it and I could do this several

ways there's always a couple of ways how

to do a thing and anything in Google I

could first way I could just copy it so

I could hit ctrl-v and then hit it's

very important that you hit enter after

you copy and paste a link or URL address

well the as of the link but if you

notice if I kind of hover over it and

click on it I'll have an option to

remove it take the link out or change it

so in this case I'm gonna change it and

then I get a text window that has

something called text at the top and

then the link is at the bottom the text

is the title of the link so if I wanted

to title this link how to best watch a

video tutorial I would title it that and

then I would hit apply and doing that

changes the title of that ugly-looking

URL address that's one way to do it

another way to do it if I took that out

is to click on link first if I just

click hit this symbol right here looks

like an infinity sign it's kind of like

a chain link I clicked on that first and

then that window opens up with nothing

in both of those items text or links so

I click on the link I copy the link and

now I paste it there ctrl V to paste and

then in the text I then name it how to

watch a video tutorial so that's another

way I could do it there's actually one

other way but I think you get the hint

so that's how to insert links are hyper

Docs in a document and it could happen

in a slide you could do it in a

read sheet spreadsheets are often used

for student responses you can use those

and they can hyperlink their work in a

spreadsheet if you had an assignment but

hyperlinking is a huge skill once you

know how to do that you can do so many

other things including creating a

playlist where you link places for the

students to go to complete work or do

tasks or do research or learn through a

link and once you learn that you're

gonna be amazed at how many wonderful

things you can do in the blended and

personalized learning environment so if

you have any questions let us know and

once again thank you for watching