Minecraft Xbox + PS3: Horse Armor & Name Tags Tutorial W/ Locations

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hello I'm ibx toy cat and today I'm

going to be answering two very

frequently asked questions they get my

channel the first one being how do I

craft horse on the clay cat or where do

I find horse armor and the second one

being where do I find nametags and how

exactly do they work so there are two

questions I'll be answering to date of

course been focusing on supply book sort

of thing and first of all let's cover

the horse armor so a lot of people when

they figured that you know horse tsubame

they're like oh great how do i craft it

is it under armour fray here I don't

know it's not is it under transport and

once you realize it's non-dream flow

she's like oh it must be bugged and on

the game no unfortunately you cannot

craft horse armor in any edition of

Minecraft right now the basic idea