How to write the name for H2SO4 (Sulfuric acid)

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to write the name for h2so4 sulphuric

acid we use the flow chart here and a

common ion table we have HS and O so we

have three different elements and if we

have three different elements we'll use

at this side of our flow chart so we

have our hydrogen that's what makes this

an acid and that's bonded to this so4

group called a polyatomic ion what we

need to know is the name of this

polyatomic ion so we can name the acid

so we'll go to the common ion table and

find the name for s o4 because hydrogen

has a +1 charge and we have two of them

this will be a plus two and this is

gonna have a minus two so it'll be so4 2

minus on our common ion table we're

gonna look for so4 2 minus so we go down

the table here keep going down here's

the 2 minus ions and there we are

so4 2 minus it's called the sulfate ion

so now we know we have the sulfate ion

we'll go back to our flow chart and

we'll write sulfate since it ends in a

te we'll take a te get rid of that and

replace it with I see then we write the

name acid we're almost there though

sulfur is a bit of an exception we need

to keep the you are here when we name it

so instead of self thick acid it'll be

sulfuric acid so the correct name for

h2so4 is sulfuric acid this is dr. B and

thanks for watching