Samsung Galaxy S8: How to Create a Contact Group

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have to create a contact group on the

Samsung Galaxy s8 so with contact group

it can be helpful when you want to send

out an SMS to a group of people and if

you add them into a single group and

when you send an SMS you can just sent

to a group instead of all the individual

contact then here's how you can create a

group first tapping on the home key to

go back to the home screen and launch

the contacts app from here you might

want to go back here and tap on the menu

key topping and choose groups in the

group's section tap on create at the top

now you can give the group a name so I'm

just going to assign cast in this

instance and you can also choose a

ringtone for that particular group and

at the bottom here you need to add the

members to the group

it's a tap on add member so I remember

basically is just adding the contact

into that group so you can choose tap

and hold and then you can go down the

list and choose that couple and then tap

on done and now the House members has

been added to the group yeah what you

can do now is tap on the Save button at

the top here that you save you can also

choose whether to save this group to a

phone or to a particular account so

example if you just you're gonna choose

a phone only so select phone group so

we're just gonna take the glue to the

phone memory and then tap on the Save

button here and now it's adding members

to the group and there's a group test

you could go back here you can see there

is a new group now called cast and

that's it

tapping on the HOME key to go back to

your home screen thank you for watching

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