How To Make Blank Folder Names On iOS 13 iPhone - iPad - iPod Touch

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what is up guys Jeremy here and welcome

back to another video so I'm gonna show

you guys a really cool trick on how to

make your folder names completely blank

now I think it's a really cool setup and

we will be using the same website that

we did for when we made blank app icons

as you guys can see my top row of icons

is invisible and we're using that same

website if you guys want to see how to

make blank icons I will leave the video

link for that down in the description

but as you guys can see my folders don't

have any names they're just blank below

them and I think it's a really cool

looking effect also when you open the

folder there's no name at the top again

I think it makes it look more clean and

it's just a cool little trick that I

think so as you guys can see I do have a

or a folder rather here that has a name

still and we're actually gonna make that

blank for demonstration in this video so

the first thing you're gonna want to do

is go into Safari here and we're gonna

go to tool iPhone I will leave the link

for this down in the description and as

you can see there is a empty blank

folder name so go ahead and select on

that section it'll go ahead and open up

a new page here in Safari and what we're

gonna want to do is select the invisible

text that's within that the brackets

there so select this empty text now so

just click on it and then click and hold

select all copy and now we can exit out

of Safari go to our folder let's go

ahead and put it into edit mode and then

we can select on the name delete it and

then go ahead and paste in that blank

text and click done and as you guys can

see the folder now has a blank title

there's no title there whatsoever again

I think it makes it look really clean

and it's just a cool look especially for

the setup that I have going here on my

10s Mac's again like I said all of the

links you will need are down in the

description if you guys want my

wallpapers you can find them on my

telegram the link for that is in the

description as well but anyways hope you

guys enjoyed this tutorial if you did

definitely throw me a thumbs up it helps

me out a lot here at the channel and if

you guys want to see more videos like

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button this has been Jeremy and it will

catch you guys in the next one later