Rename Folder on a Mac - change the name

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hi this is infopuppet and today we're

going to talk about changing a folder

name on a Mac so first thing I want to

do is drink drag-out the infamous

untitled folder now the first thing I'd

want to do which I'm used to doing on a

PC is I want to double click in the area

here where the text is and well on a PC

that would let you change the folder

name but on the Mac it opens up the

folder so the next thing I might try is

to right-click on the folder and what

would generally happen is somewhere in

here you would see rename folder well

it's not here on a Mac so let's get

right to it how do we do this well all

you're gonna do is you're gonna left

click on the folder so it's selected if

you've done this right the name of the

folder will have the dark blue

background and now here it is here's the

trick it's so easy I'm so excited about

it I love my Mac even more all you're

gonna do is either click on the enter or

the Return button depending on what it's

called on your keyboard and you'll have

access to typing the folder name here we

go I'm gonna do it listen carefully and

the dark blue change to light blue and I

could put my cursor right in here and

change the file name to let's see my

folder my folders name and not my Mac's

folders name my folders name in it and

it didn't give me the whole thing but

basically there you have it again just

to recap to change the name of your

folder you select it hit the Return

button on your keyboard and my folders

name type in whatever you want right

there and there you go