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what's up kings and queens of YouTube

today I got another video we're gonna be

discussing how to change the name of

your fire TV streaming device so some of

y'all may have 2 3 4 5 6 10 you may have

10 different devices that belong to

Amazon all on your account with that

being said I'm gonna show you how you

can go in and change the name of your

device that you're using that way is

easy accessible it's easy to manage it's

easy to send some applications directly

to that device and whatever being said

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on YouTube now with that being said guys

let the games begin let's have a lot of

fun so in order to change the name and

again we're changing the name of one

device you we can change all of them and

give it all a unique name but we're

gonna change the name of this one device

that I have hooked up to my TV right

here I got a 4k stick alright so you're

going to need a web browser that you can

log into your Amazon account to alright

so first things first let's go up here

to settings alright and here are

settings right here let's go on over to

settings let's go down y'all remember or

if you didn't let's go over to my fire

TV let's click on this one right here

alright about and let's look at that

name right here so you see as dale v

fire TV so i'm gonna write that down

write down v fire TV i better put up

possibly yes yes right so i got deals v

fire TV so you see i got a lot of

devices alright so the next thing you

want to do since we're gonna change it

up right

I'm just going back to my home screen

and I'm a brain in my browser all right

hopefully that fits well you can see me

alright so what I'm gonna do I'm a

scroll all the way down guys I'm scroll

all the way down I just want y'all to

see some things alright come on brother

why you stopped then I freeze my brows

are having a little bit of profit

something going on yeah alright let's do

it again

let's see having a goddamnit moment

right now my browser just froze on me

but is having a goddammit moment but it

seems to be back up and going so you see

right here guys you see where it says

manage York manage your content and

devices let's click on manage your

content and devices let's go up in this


alright so from here as you see a lot of

stuff is going on here alright so I want

to click on devices right here guys you

about to see a lot of devices right a

lot oh look at all of this look at all

these devices right here

damn Dale what the hell is really going

on alright so I'm looking for Dale's

fifth fire TV alright I see fifth is

this it right here it sure looks like it

as a fire TV stick four okay so forth

alright so let's go right nope damn I

lost it just that quick that 15 no

that's the fifth echo dot there go right

here guys

so fifth fire TV so all you have to do

is go over here under this action tap go

down to the fifth the one that you have

name let's click on these three little

dots right here and then let's go to


all right so let's name it super Dale

fire TV so let's save it

I said successfully changed the name so

I said super Dale fire TV so let me

slide that one over right quick I don't

know if I have to restart this or not

but let's see I'm just taking the aim at

it right quick let's go over there and

let's go back into my fire TV which is

right here let's click in there let's go

to about and look at that right there

guys somebody else fire TV so if you

have multiple devices inside of your

home and you need to change it change

them you can give them all unique names

it's as simple as that guys listen thank

you for allowing me into your homes onto

your devices listen do me a favor click

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you can and then you know come back and

get some of this food alright I want to

give you a salute thank you all for

coming in again I appreciate you this is

super Dale I am signing out peace