Naming Cells in Excel

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This is a demonstration video on naming cells and managing named cells in Microsoft excel

version 2010. As you can see by my spreadsheet there are two parts. Part 1 has a smaller

list of data than part 2. This is because there are two primary ways to change the names

of cells. The first way is to change the name manually by typing the new name in the name

box at the top. This cell "B8" corresponds to the rain in inches for the month of January

so we are going to change the name up here to "Jan". This cell now has the name of "Jan".

You can go through and change that for every single cell. This can get tedious but it does

make sure that you know exactly what each name is. If you make a mistake and for example

instead of selecting the rain for June you select the name of June and change it to "Jun"

then you will be unable to change the rain for June to "Jun". It will take you back to

the original cell that already has the name "Jun". What you can do to remove the name

from this cell and put it on this cell is go to formulas and name manager. This brings

up a box that has a list of all the names that have been used in the spreadsheet. Here

you can see that there is a list of already used names. We will now change "Jun". There

are two ways to do this. One we can delete it and rename the new cell or we can edit

it and change the "A" to a "B". This is saying that for the spreadsheet named rain which

is the spreadsheet we are on to always do cell "B13". Select ok and close it. "B13"

now has the name of "Jun". You can continue on and changing the names of each of these

manually. Here we have a list of cities and its corresponding annual precipitation. I

am going to select just the city name and the precipitation. Then do control, shift,

and down to highlight the entire selection. If I go here and click create from selection

I want to change the name in the right column to what is listed in the left column. Create

names from values in the left column and select ok. If I go here this cell has the name of

Birmingham and so on. The cities that have spaces in their names have the spaces replaced with

an underscore. There are other ways to define the names. Instead of just selecting the cell

and then changing the name here you can also change the name here using define name. You

can type the name such as "Dec" and I want this to refer to instead of F18, which is this cell here, I want it to refer to "B19". I can do that by either

changing this to "B19" of by deleting that and pressing this button and selecting the

cell. This cell has now been named "Dec". Using formula is the last thing in this defined

named section and is where you can go through this entire list of names and select one to

use in a formula on your spreadsheet.