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if you're struggling to pick a name for

your exes shop or Etsy bidders me just

oh you don't know where to start well

this video is for you

hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel so today I'm sporting the white

t-shirt again because I'm feeling like

you know it just makes it easy to know

what to wear when I'm gonna film so

we're going to be talking about how to

pick your Etsy shop name I'm gonna be

giving you considerations tips and

tricks and all the wonderful things but

any shop names are more important I

think then you think they are a lot of

people will probably say that the name

is not really important and while I

would agree to that to a certain extent

it kind of is because your business name

is something that will have to stick in

your target markets minds like Apple or

McDonald's or Nike or adidas or

something like that it's got to be a

brand name that kind of speaks to your

target market

so I'm gonna go into some tips and

tricks and considerations that you need

to know when you I wanted to pick a name

for your Etsy shop so number one is it

should relate back to your niche in some

way so I've seen quite a lot of Etsy

shops it will be named something really

obscure that won't actually kind of give

the customer a clue as to what it

actually is what their actual shop is

full so me for example I sell jewelry so

my Etsy shop is statement made jewelry

so people know exactly what it was for

if my shop was called statement made

people would probably like called issue

sell scarves clothes baby clothes

t-shirts hairband scrunchies what does

she sell so I make sure as well from SEO

standpoint to put statement made jewelry

into the shop name because as well as

your business name will be crawled by

Google and Etsy and things like that so

having what you actually sell in the

name will make sure that the algorithm

knows exactly what you are selling

number two is it it just needs to sound

good and I know that this seems like a

real wishy-washy tip but it needs to

roll off the tongue it can't be

something like Sally's rose floral

decorations for weddings because that

does not roll off the tongue you need to

really be thinking about something short

but sweet and short and three is the

best way that I can describe this it has

to be good and it has to just sound

great and roll off the tongue number

three is it you don't want to pick a

trendy name if you sell or you've sold

fidget spinners let's say now fidget

spinners are kind of like a thing of the

past and I kind of easing off on the

trend there you need to pick a name that

is still gonna sound great in ten years

time so don't pick a real trendy name

pick a name that appeals to your target


so for example with my name I sell

jewelry that makes a statement no it's

not statement jewelry it's not big

chunky jewelry but it's small delicate

engraved pieces it's items that make a

statement to the wearer that they are

trying to remember a person or an event

or a specific place it is items that

make a statement to the wearer

themselves so you're picking a name that

kind of relates back to your target

market is always always always a really

good idea

don't pick anything if it's too wordy

because this can affect packaging and

logos and things like that

if you sell face creams foot and stomp

you have a little small pot to put your

business name on having something that's

five to six words long it's going to

take up half the entire freaking pot so

I usually say about two to three maybe

up to four words maximum but two to four

words it's kind of like a good bracket

it's a good in-between stage kind of

beer when it comes to how wordy your

business name and an Etsy shop name

actually is the last tip is it has to be

a name that no one else has so in the UK

you can check companies house and make

sure that your business name has not

really been taken also as well just just

off of this as well as you might want to

purchase your domain name I've heard

horror stories of people that have

literally opened up an Etsy shop for a

few months later gone to buy their

domain name and seen it has been gone

and had to have something really obscure

or buy the domain name off of the person

that owns it already and believe me

there are some people that do that for a

living they will buy domain names for

businesses or that are the same names as

businesses and charge you an arm and a

leg for you to buy off of them so always

always always a good idea to buy your


as soon as you pick your Etsy shop no

now if you are struggling to come up

with a name I have some tips for you as

well you want to start using words that

rhyme maybe that might trigger something

in your head maybe words that relate to

each other try using a thesaurus to find

words that mean the same thing but sound

different that may rhyme or prove to a

literate or something like that in your

Etsy shop name alliteration in a

fantastic talk as it makes sure that

people remembers your Etsy shop name so

if you can put a literation in your name

bonus points for that so maybe you want

to make a list of words that you like if

you are completely stuck you just do not

know what to name your Etsy shop make a

list of words that you like and try to

make a list of different combinations of

those words and if you get really really

stuck ask your friends and family having

a different set of eyes on this list of

words that you like and kind of the idea

of a business is something that is

amazing because believe me I've done

this before

where my mom has come up with something

amazing or a name that is amazing for

and it's your shop nothing like oh I did

not even think about that

and once you have a few names picked out

try repeating them to yourself over and

over and over again and see if they

stick see if they just roll off the

tongue and if you've done that and

you've picked a few name but you're

still not sure again ask friends and

family or survey your audience in a

Facebook group if you can also I have a

video on my channel as to how to change

your shop name if you want to change it

that will be on my channel somewhere if

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