How to Name Your Dog:Minecraft Pocket Edition✔️(0.14.0 and older versions.)

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hello guys it's me playing great games

back again have you ever worn wanted to

near dog my neck my dog's name is

goodness dog brynnie

Oh I mean brignoli his name is greeny

and he's a boy

not literally I'm he's a boy maybe maybe

so this is mr. greeny and I named him

greeny Vickers

he's got her screen so let's get started

you guys are back and maybe the meeting

and Bill is swaths runner a food and of

your choice it uh it I got our dog dog's

collar it's optional and a bone to take

my dog so yes you need serious leg and

then go to the anvil end just press the

spot spot wolf honor then just name it

any name you want it's optional so maybe

I'm into spiky spiky you lost - yeah you

got the spiky and there it's that simple

guys you I named it spunks but spunky no

I mean spiky sorry

so now let's take this dog with a bone


Green then hey thank you

I mean spiky didn't so thank you guys

for watching hope you like and subscribe

the video thank you for watching guys