How to Change Excel's Column Name : Using Microsoft Excel

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hi I'm Justin Conway I'm a Microsoft

Excel expert and I'm going to show you

how to change column names in Microsoft

Excel the easiest way to do this is if

you already have column headers what you

do is simply click in the Excel

double-click in them and we read type in

the information that you'd like so let's

call this full name and hit enter so

that column is renamed if you'd actually

like to change these this piece of

information up here which is the ABCDE F

etc those column names the only option

for changing that is to change them to

numbers and I'll show you how to do that

the way you go about that is click on

Excel click on preferences general and

then you'll have an option here a radio

button for use our one c1 reference

style click that radio button click OK

and as you can see they're all renamed

using a number format and you can

obviously just switch back there's one

last option it won't actually rename in

these cells here or I shouldn't call

themselves but the actual headers the 1

2 3 won't change but in this area here

this is the name of this column you can

you can change the name by simply

selecting in there let's say we want to

call it Roman numeral one and hit enter

now column one is actually renamed Roman

numeral 1 again it won't display there

but it it actually is renamed as far as

as far as this option goes and that

didn't stick so now it's there so that's

how to rename the columns in Microsoft

Excel I hope it helps Thanks