Naming Carboxylic Acids - IUPAC Nomenclature - Organic Chemistry

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in this video we're going to focus on

naming carbocylic acid z' so the basic

functional group of a carboxylic acid

looks like this it has a carbonyl group

and also a hydroxyl group so this is

your typical carbocylic acid sometimes

you might see it written this way or

even this way so let's work on some

examples let's begin let's start with

this one so here we have a six carbon

carbs like acid so the first thing you

want to do is you want to count the

longest chain so we have a total of six

carbons six carbons is associated with

the name hexane but instead of calling

it hexane it's going to be called

hexanoic acid

now what if we have an alkene present

how will that affect the name of this

particular compound so once again you

want to count the longest chain and you