How do we Name Angles?

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do we name an angle consider this angle

which is formed by Ray ba and Ray BC

assume it's an acute angle with a

measure of 60 degrees sometimes the

measure of the angles are not given and

variables or small case letters are used

instead like this so the variable B

would equal 60 degrees sometimes even

Greek symbols like theta are used in

this case theta would be equal to 60

degrees the letter B and theta are

generally just used for convenience but

how do we name the angles what angle

here is 60 degrees let me zoom out and

redraw this angle this angle here can be

called angle ABC this sign which looks

like an acute angle is used to represent

an angle we use the order from top to


A - B - C so we can say that the measure

of angle ABC is 60 degrees sometimes

this angles also referred to as just

angle B the letter we use here is the

vertex of the angle and the point B is

common to both the Rays this one letter

notation to name the angle is convenient

but is not preferred let's see why look

at this figure here writing just angle B

will not work since this vertex does not

have just one angle if we say angle B we

will not know if we're talking about

angle abd or angle DBC or maybe even

angle ABC so it's always better to write

the name of the angle using the

three-letter notation